Testo della canzone Give Me What I Want (MC Lyte), tratta dall'album Seven & Seven

Give Me What I Want - MC Lyte

Verse 1:
Here's the situation, skip the talk.
Let me know dog do you bite or bark?
What it is soldier, you ready to march?
Can you make me shoop, aww you just soft.
'Cause I got no time for the games,
Just keep my spine full of pain,
Hit the boost then hit turbo,
In this sexual inferno.
Keep my lovin drippin drains,
On love highway switchin lanes,
Show me different things, with the whip and chain,
Hit you with this grippin' pain.
Test me out, is it alright?
Stretch me out, is it alright?
Come on baby, you aint finished,
You servin' time I aint talkin minutes.

Make it hot for me all night,
Keep it coming strong,
Give me what I want tonight,
Make it last long (what does it feel like)

Verse 2:

Certified Mrs, I Mrs, only get my time if his,
Somethin' can stay sunkin,
All night until brunchin'
Get it right, manoever me,
Take your think nine, riger me,
Put my hair back, who the ruler be?,
Lovin' be so tight, no room for three.
Tell me you want me,
My love keep you horny,
I knows my mother warned me,
"Stay away from the masculine thing
That keep me needin aspirin"
Got me gaspining, for air passionate,
Sheets satining, mixed with silk,
Here's my love, mixed with milk

Chorus x2

Verse 3:

Test me out feminine engine,
Brooklyn girl read the emblem,
Hem them men that's hanging,
Ten inch might aint ending,
Till it's hot and you got me bent,
On top of my thing you went,
Came nine times, going for the tenth,
Think you can hang if you attempt.
With energy, when you enter me hold on,
Ging for a ride hope it don't fold on,
Me, when we in the midst,
Of battlin' with my slip,
No babbling, close your lips,
Getting colse to this,
Nothing close to it,
Feelin' that I feel when I'm next to you,
Stressed for you, please stretch me too,
Night got me right as we take a flight,
Through the clouds of love, highest heights,
My things tighter than a juiced pocket,
Think you Houston, go head and rock it.

Chorus until fade.

Writer(s): Barrow Jamaal, Kinchen Marc Christopher, Moorer Lana Michele
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