Testo della canzone Funky Song (MC Lyte), tratta dall'album Eyes On This

Funky Song - MC Lyte

Uhh {Yeah, yeah...}
"Funky song" {ha, ha}
"Cause ain't nothin goin on, but a funky song"
Yes yes yes

K-Rocks is gonna rock, I mean go get hype
So you people all aboard and Lyte has the light
Fresh this dope, promise this too strong
And yo, you can't go wrong with a funky song

I don't know the reason
For which that I've become fanatic
For some bass drums and a few hi-hats
But yo please, don't say microphone
Cause I'll be forced to kick whoever thinks they king off they throne
But yo people talk speakers, and sneakers if you wanna
Yeah I like the cars that go boom, I won't front, yup!
Annnd people talkin woofers and the tweeters
I like to go above ten on the volume cause yo it's
Just, a touch, or bass ("a little bit, a little bit")
Now check the rhythm the rhyme, yeah it fits
It steals your mind like a needle
And then holds on to it like a hostage
And amazement is shown on ALL your faces
To what MC Lyte has given

Yo! I'm definitely proud to say
Those that never heard the tunes well, it's time to vic
So cough up your dollars, put your money where your mouth is
And we can surely as hell get down to business
Don't ever doubt me or what I'm capable of
I have to show and prove that I am a thug
Or should I say the ultimate, yeah that's perfect
Cause I'm as ultimate as money can get
So get the ghetto blaster, boombox, whatever you call it
Grab it by the handle and start to haul it
If you're chillin in your car, open up your back windows
Turn the volume up and let the sounds flow
Or pop a tape in your Benzi box
And drive ten miles per hour through every block
So they can hear the hip-hop, pumpin in the ride
And when you're finished press auto-reverse and play the other side

When you're talkin to my deejay, a talk a crossfader
His organized Technics'll leave a flavor later
Cause just like a basshead CHIN, crack greater
And try his hits like "Yo this sure tastes"
I'm in high pursuit, hope I don't have to shoot
Get down or sit down with all of you
So when you call on my deejay, a call him K-Rock
And when you thought you heard it all here comes the shock
My rhymes, hotter than a danger lie
It's just like that, don't ask why
But I'm cool, cooler than the rocks on a mountaintop
Cause yo Lyte lift the party up further yup
And if you're comin to the jam, yo it's like a hijack
Once you step in, there's no turnin back
It's hypnotism, done every time
You're stickin out your tongue to get a taste of the rhyme
And just like I planned it, satisfies your tastebuds
It's silky and milky, cause your mouth to flood all over you
Dribble and drool you still remain cool
Cause that's what I'm like, rap is made to do
But anyway, since I don't think my job is complete
Say goodnight 'til the next time we meet

Writer(s): Walter Carter, Maxwell Dixon, Curtis Reynolds, Simon Carter, William Hull, Keith Samuels, David Furgeson, Brian Sherrer, Lana Moorer (mclyte)
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