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Testo della canzone Reflections (Masked Wolf), tratta dall'album Astronomical

Reflections - Masked Wolf

Yeah masked wolf

Money can be the root of all evil
Make that bribery
Dont let it make you dead (Word)

Young boy big dreams
Was never chasing some money
Was just chasing what i need

Happiness is had to find
But your heart just bleed
Its looks like a good Flower
But its got bad seeds

Dont let that prettiness, distract you!
Feel old in my bones
But i still fly Pterodactyl

I could spilt real shit or had shit
Tell you about my hadship its hurts
Because every weeken' i feel heartless
Get it weeken' heartless to be regardless

Old friends coming back now
During the party
Where was you when i started
Oh, now that i'm an artiste
You want to come around
Bitch i call you cardi

Party broken, party of me hustle
Alot of me is thinking that
Alot of me grow

Its spin cirlcle's enjoy reval
Everything about to feel
I just see reval's (Verb)

LED i speak from the LID
Nigga's then and now
They remember me
Tetris when i was falling
I had to rearrange

Alot of L came down
But i still find my place
In life is either sit back
Or, take a leave
But you shouldn't make a promise
You cannot keep

Trust me the hill steam
But once you at the top
You gatta work down sweet

Everything we did here
There is no such thing's
Life can take away
But its also can bring

Once you came without a queen
You came without an army
I swear i have hit more Base
Than my boy bunny

Alot of lies can cause carnage
Flow it out like hardie
Still smart i had to get that green
Partially still at the ball
Something like Charlse Barkley

In my room focus on my sound
In my appartment uhh
Wait fake, fake, fake
Nacking shit in my music (Day, day, day)
Now am typing back is to (Lay, lay, lay)
Thou Always believed in me they are
Fake, fake, fake word!

Writer(s): Tyron Takaha Hapi, Emma Sameth, Harry Michael
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