Testo della canzone Hate It or Love It (remix) (Mary J. Blige & Tapemasters Inc. feat. 50 Cent), tratta dall'album Reflections (The Remixes)

Hate It or Love It (remix) - Mary J. Blige & Tapemasters Inc. feat. 50 Cent

Yeah, let's take 'em back
Uh huh

I need a "Real Love", Mary, holla at me if you need a real thug
We could ride through Compton and see real Bloods
Real Crips and I'mma always hold you down, that's real shit
I'm the Los Angeles king and "You Remind Me" of Mary, the R&B queen
I got the "411", what's crackin'
What I owe you for helpin' me go four times Platinum
I add a kid to "My Life", he's almost two
I guess what I'm tryin' to say is thank you
For over ten years of the ghetto gospel
You've paved the way for young black women to prosper
How you paint pictures you deserve Grammys and Oscars
Congratulations for me, Aftermath, and the Doctor
So niggas go 'head and envy me
I'm Billboard's Top 10 featuring M.J.B

When you learn stepped in this game
After "What's The 411?", things ain't been the same
And I can't complain
But with all this fame comes a whole lot of pain
But I'm so glad to be here
And my music's still sincere
Lets get back to the story
All of this pain and glory
And 94 was "My Life" and my life wasn't right
So I reached out to you and told you what I've been through

+ Mary J
(Hate it or love it the underdogs' on top
And I'm gon' shine, homey until my heart stop)
Go head and envy me, I'm a soul hip-hop queen
And I ain't goin' nowhere but you already know me
(Hate it or love it the underdogs' on top
And I'm gon' shine, homey until my heart stop)
Go head and envy me, I'm a soul hip-hop queen
And I ain't goin' nowhere but you already know me

And I came and "Shared My World"
But at that point I was just a foolish girl
Tryin to find my way
And I dropped a "Mary" album and people would say
That it's just not gonna work and my feelings they did hurt
But my fans showed me so much love and I owe it all to them
Then I came with "No More Drama", I remember that week
It was when Aaliyah died, I couldn't hardly sleep
Thought about it every day
And it made me change my ways
I'm a real woman, now because of all of these days

+ Mary J

"You Remind Me" of a "Real Love"
You don't have to worry ("Real Love")
"All Night Long" "I'm Goin' Down"
"Reminisce" on the love we had
"You Are Everything" "Love Without A Limit"
What are you gonna do without "My Life, My Life, My Life, My Life"

+ Mary J x 2

+ (The Game)
Right now, I just wanna thank Dr. Dre
(Hate it or love it, Aftermath's on top!)
And The Game for pickin' such a hot record, I thank y'all
(Naw, baby, we thank you) Shout out to Cool & Dre
(COOL AND DRE!) For makin a track... THIS HOT! WHOO!

Writer(s): Curtis James Jackson, Andre Christopher Lyon, Norman Harris, Allan Felder, Howard Bailey, Marcello Antonio Valenzano, Jayceon Terrell Taylor, Ronald Baker
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