Testo della canzone Life After Happily Ever After - From "Tangled: Before Ever After" (Mandy Moore feat. Zachary Levi & Clancy Brown), tratta dall'album Life After Happily Ever After (From "Tangled: Before Ever After")

Life After Happily Ever After - From "Tangled: Before Ever After" - Mandy Moore feat. Zachary Levi & Clancy Brown

This is life after happily ever after
And it's all just as sweet as the stories say
I feel wild, free, as light as can be
I'm ready to explore
With nothing at all standing in my way

True, there are certain customs I have to follow(pretty)
Several small obligations I can't avoid(princess the time)
A few rules, too well, more than I few
Commitments by the score
Aside from all that though I'm overjoyed(this way princess)

And sure there are corsets and buckles and bows
Plus all those names to recall(chain, asshole, right)
Still I can hardly complain I suppose
This is happily ever after, after all
That's enough I'll take it from here
How are you holding up?
Busy hmm
But busy is good
Am glad you think so raf
Cause this welcoming ceremony is just the beginning
Tomorrow is the festival followed by the royal banquet
And that's all before the actual coronation on sunday
Ohh come on
Look reponzo I know this princess thing is new to you
But ganna at least try to act apart
Trust me Kassandra I know how important this is to my dad

As you have requested your majesty we've doubled security
On both the main gate and the south tower
Good we have guest from all over the world
I want them to know that they are save
Everything from our little girls coronation we get much be absolutely perfect
Hey dad

And now that at last you are here in my arms
I won't permit you to fall
I must protect you from all the world's harms
We'll live happily ever after, after all

Now as princess you are not only representing yourself and the but all of corona
Don't worry dad I wont let you down
But why we're in the whole princess coronation thing
I mean all this whole electivities are great
But do you think I might be able to catch a little downtown soon
I know this is all new but you will a just
After all your friends seems to be getting on just fine
Oooohhhoo hail ohh my man
This has tired the whole out fit together
Now I know what you are all thinking
Why is your jin in such a good mood today?
I mean what gives?

Now that we're living splendidly
Our dreams fulfilled extendedly
Why leave things open endedly
For Rapunzel and moi?
Tonight I'll hand this rose to her
Kneel down and then propose to her
And give this ring I choose to her

Life's gonna be like strawberry sherbet
Once she is Mrs Eugene Fitzherbert
Once she is princess Eugene Fitzherbert

This is life after happily ever after
And our story has finally reached its end
Settling down here
Year upon year
Contented and secure
With dozens of duties we'll have to tend

And now that we've gotten the dream that we chose
Now that we're in for the haul
Now our adventures can come to a close
Living happily ever after, after all

Now that I've gotten the dream that I chose
Why does my world feel so small?
If this is it
And it is I suppose
Is this happily ever after, after all?
OK no pressure
Just introducing myself to the most important people in the world
Representing my mom, dad, and the entire kingdom we gat this

Writer(s): Menken Alan Irwin, Slater Glenn Evan
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