Testo della canzone Dracula (Macabre), tratta dall'album Human Monsters

Dracula - Macabre

In the fifteenth century lived a prince of nobility
His Father's nickname was Dracula, which means the dragon or the devil
Dracula was the son of the devil or the dragon
And he lived up to his name
A name that goes on in infamous fame

Terrible atrocities
Suffering and misery
Vlad the Impaler inflicted on his enemies
Excruciating painful torturous misery
Vlad the Impaler imposed upon his enemies

They were Romanian stuck between the Turks and the Hungarians
His Father Vlad Two tried to plea
Bot of his neighboring adversaries
With the ability to switch sides
To the one with the upper and at the time
For this reason his sons had to spend
Four long years in a Turkish prison


It's not clear from history if his mind was twisted during captivity
But Dracula was released when his Father Dracula was deceased
And the when he was free
Vlad became ruler of his country
Vlad the Impaler was the name he procured
For the hideous method of death he preferred

Vlad's favorite way of executing people
Was impaling them on stakes and he watched them as he ate
Upon the very pointed greased down stakes
Vlad's enemies were placed killing them with their own weight
Through their heart or navel or mouth and vagina or anus
Is were the stakes were placed
Vlad's terrifying stakes
Having mass execution by impaling his enemies
Suited Vlad III's tastes
Witnessing their gruesome fate

Vlad's gruesome reign came to an end
Provoking war with the Turks again
In the Turkish territory Vlad's troops were routed eventually
With his ghastly reputation Christian leaders wouldn't help Vlad with his altercations
That's the reason for his defeat for what Vlad had sewn
He soon would reap


When the sultan's troops came upon the forest of Vlad's impaled victims
That slowed their advance for a while
Because of Dracula's killing style
He was exiled and Vlad III
Years later joined the Hungarian army
In a war between the Turks Vlad was dead
And to Constantinople they brought back his head


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