Testo della canzone Psycho (Lords of the Underground), tratta dall'album Here Come the Lords

Psycho - Lords of the Underground


Excuse me Mr Funky man (Yes DoItAll)
Can I take the stand and slam like Bam Bam (like who)
Like Bam Bam that kid from Bedrock
And don't turn around 'cause you might get popped

Uh one-two microphone check from the mid-brain
This time the ruckus from my brother who's insane
Strictly one then two then to the corners
Break down the alley just to jing another hit

Freestyle's stepping but free cut too frequently
Rhymes that bring it back soon or immediately
My force is strong like Obi Wan Kenobi
Some don't believe so now I had to show these styles

The difference the force the pattern
Just another brother know what's happening
I'm strong with the strength of King Kong
I can slam an MC from here to Hong Kong

Like Ding Dong can bell his gong
Without a hammer
I drop slang like shit in a Pamper
Then collect props here 'til I touch it

Hang some to Funky man and you'll get snuffed
I'm psycho (psycho psycho psycho)
Excuse me DoItAll (Yes Mr Funky man)
Can I step on to the plate and smack this great slam (Like where)

Like last field past the shortstop
Yeah step back and let the Funky man drop
I don't have it all
So wiggle the microphone normal

Act like you know it then don't treated like a homo
Stop acting bad boy thinking you can hack it
Come on you must be crazy
Pull his ass in a straight jacket

Funky man's style go wild rhythms let the Funky man flow
And I'ma jump up and hurt another rapper or singer
You touch the microphone I'ma break your fucking fingers
Like I said you get rolled like a sneaker and back of me all
You see is broken minds that are blowing speakers

So now I grab the microphone and wreck wild
Treat that ass lovely and spank it like my child
Follow the rules and get hung like a hanger hit my head
On the wall they call me Funky wall banger
MCs try to be down yo I do them like Homey the clown
'Cause I'm psycho (psycho psycho psycho)

Well I'm nuts
A straight up maniac so call me psycho
Do you have static
Yes so get the rifle

To kill 'em smoke 'em oops I meant choke 'em
With the cord of my mic and watch his head start floating like boom
Just hit the flip BOOM BANG
I have more ammo than Saddam Hussein

Well I'm not playing with a toter my mom was gone like missing
So now it's time for the Funky man to start dissing other rappers
Who couldn't penetrate as if they're crazy
Pumpin' out quick shit but now yo it don't face me

So hit the showers I rock more with mad hours
Never more will I snap shit
'Cause yo I got the power like He-Man
See man yo what's it gonna be man
Rock some more ill shit I make it sound like D-Man
Psycho psycho psycho psycho

Lo-Lo-Lord of the Underground they're getting psycho
Lo-Lo-Lord of the Underground they're getting psycho
Lo-Lo-Lord of the Underground they're getting psycho
Lo-Lo-Lord of the Underground they're getting psycho
Lo-Lo-Lord of the Underground they're getting psycho
Lo-Lo-Lord of the Underground they're getting psycho

My mind is flipped or should I say twisted
Like Cypress Hill "damn was I"
I got you wonderin' and thinkin' and fumblin'
Instead of tuttering now you're mumbling

I'm on the X that's thin like glass
So fear the wrath of the psychopath
I'm really bugging 'cause my nuts
I think I'm worst than a pigeon that flu the coop

I'm about to flip think I'm going psycho
Psycho psycho like my man Michael Myers
I'm in time to pass out the flyers
MCs retire or burn in the fire

I think I'm going crazy
Oh I mean crazy yo
Funky man chill

Watch the Funky child now the kid gone wild
The Lords are leaving foul psycho style
Psycho psycho psycho

Psycho psycho
Real psycho
Psycho psycho
Real psycho
Psycho psycho

Funky's real psycho
Psycho psycho
DoItAll is psycho
Psycho psycho
Marley is psycho
Psycho psycho

Writer(s): Al-terik Wardrick, Dupree Kelly, Marlon Ricardo Williams
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