Testo della canzone Neva Faded (Lords of the Underground), tratta dall'album Keepers of the Funk

Neva Faded - Lords of the Underground

In here we're the Lords of the Underground
Straight from Jersey
Kickin' nothin' but mad flavour
From the underground
And it goes a little something like this
For you punks
DoItAll neva faded
Supreme C neva faded
Funkyman neva faded
Lord Jazz neva faded
Marley Skills neva faded
DoItAll neva faded
Funkyman neva faded
So check out the styles we create

In this corner we got the brother with the braids in his hair
The real nigga with the ill grim reaper stare
5 feet 8 inches 210 pounds, kinda chunky
The brass monkey junky Mr. Funke
I'm tired of all these whack rappers Always Into Somethin'
You need to mind ya business, ain't nobody asked you nothing'
See I'm not getting' played by another mans greed
Don't take me for a chump, cause I'm not scared to bleed
I heard you say that Mr. Funke's gonna dis your ass
Let your boys gas you up and now they miss your ass
You're just mad cause you couldn't give the crowd what they want
Niggas rhymed about my show like it's the first of the month
I got everything locked down in the zipper n I'm
Rippin' everything from Japan to America
Peace to Pzeter Beggar you you got it goin' on
And I'm out (Why?) Cause I'm too sexy for this song

Marley Skills neva faded
Supreme C neva faded
Funkyman neva faded
Lord Jazz neva faded
Marley Skills neva faded
Peter Beggar neva faded
DoItAll neva faded
So check out the styles we created

Well you're lying boy cause I'm faded off the monk
But not off the emcees cause none of them can touch me
I squeeze my d with these ways of a key
And sometimes comes a verse that I usually sing like
I'm that brother straight from the under
My name is DoItAll but you can't be my lover
Well stop I'm not a rap singer, I'm a Hip Hopper
So y'all get the finger, special guests on my show
Is the nigga from my way
And I ain't changed my area it's still north NJ
I'm still from the bricks with the funkload of tricks
But I brought my man to flip that other Jersey script
Hence the parle with Marley to slap asses in the hallway
"Uh onetwo" so let me hear you go HEY
So fuck what you heard cause this brother is absurd
You cock like a doodle and you mocking like a bird
I'm still that real nasty brother from the block of one nine
Who will barely play you to for some brass monkey wine
So uh wind it up, hah
Cause with one third of this funk you be poking out your eyes
I'm back on the stack of these fabulous raps
That I'm spiting real quickly then my teeth with gat
I be the lord of the under, I go back to my roots
And if you don't know the bio, Chief Rocka was the proof

Supreme C neva faded
DoItAll neva faded
Marley Skills neva faded
Rated R neva faded
Peter Beggar neva faded
DoItAll neva faded
Lord Jazz neva faded
Supreme C neva faded

Special guest on my show, he can flow, he can flow
It's a brother on my show, he can flow, he can flow
Special guest on my show, he can flow, he can flow
It's my brother on the show, he can flow, he can flow

The way I be eatin' niggas up like Jaws
Scare you up until you bleed through your pores
Follow you home then I kick down your door
Run up on that ass, put your brains on the floor
Think about it before you step to me chief
Filled with grief and prepared for any beef
Much too high don't try to enter my mental state
I deflate any fat rhymes that you make
So break or get kicked like soccer
Mess ya like hofa or get broke off proper
A smooth move to you move like subtraction
Packin' a Mac 10, prepared for action
I represent the hostile and wild
A funky child, my style flow like the Nile
My mic is burning back up don't touch ya
I'll crush ya like the break down in Russia
Don't test the lyrical styles I possess
Protect your chest from the best with the vest
Schemeless cause many murders make a mess
It's the stress that got me bucking' like the west
Tell me who's next to move up and get bruised up
Mad crews that get choosed but won't move up
Listen and react to the man
Supreme C
And the C is for command
Flippin' the script like the script should be flipped
If I need protection, it's right on my hip
Boom bye bye oh I night
Hear your Mums cry when you lie
In a casket covered from your head to your toe
Your body flow up like the smoke from the endo ay yo
Aight I kick flavor, wave ya pistols in the air, make a prayer
And just relax and sit back and listen to the way I react on the track

Funkyman neva faded
Lord Jazz neva faded
Supreme C neva faded
Marley Skills neva faded
DoItAll neva faded
Rated R neva faded
Akaginyo neva faded
Jam C neva faded
Peter Beggar neva faded
Styles P neva faded

Writer(s): Marlon Lu'ree Williams, Dupre Kelly, Al-terik Aka Funkman Wardrick, Brian Williamson, Carl R Harte
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