Testo della canzone Grave Digga (Lords of the Underground), tratta dall'album Here Come the Lords

Grave Digga - Lords of the Underground

We are, gathered here today. To say goodbye to the dearly de-parted
Yo he was bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
He was bound to dig his grave
You pushed up daisy's more than once in your life
You might as well meow because you played your nine lives
And don't shoot your yaps cause I might pull the trigger
I seen it happen to a brother who was rappin'
Frontin' real fat, and kept a crowd clappin'
But now he's loose, lost all his juice
Once a big star now his necks in a noose
The fame and the glory
He popped a lot of shit, but that's another story
I mean he blew up, there wasn't nothin' he couldn't do
The only problem now is that his head blew up too
Once platinum and now he can't sell a tune
I wonder how it feels to have your life go "Kaboom"
Reminiscin' how it was back in the days
When his records got airplay
You should of stayed street till you paid your cost
My record company can kiss
And my boys... can get my dilznick
Now that's the attitude you love and you live by
You used to eat steaks now you're beggin' for a french fry
You didn't know but I already figured
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to dig his grave
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Yo, he was bound to dig his grave
You're Mr. Grave Digga, your mind is like a shovel
Every time I turn around it's diggin' you deeper into trouble
I don't understand some of the stuff that you do kid
Tryin' to get yours, makin' moves that are stupid
You see life is like one big comedian
Who's tryin' to make you laugh but you still don't know the half
Everyday, all day, you got's to learn the hard way
(You'll never play me)
Yeah, that's what they all say
You play the tough role as if you are thorough
(I'm the mack baby. A king like a pharaoh)
At least you thought you were until you met this girl that you wanted to be your queen
Now you find out what I mean
You push up because you really want the lay
Down to one knee cause you ain't too proud to beg
She kicks it back and everything goes swell
Next thing you know you're in the back of a hotel
You're ready to hit the skins and everything is gettin' hectic
So you start your tactics without a prophylactic
It's too late to cry now
She was livin' foul, you can kiss your ass goodbye now
She had A.I.D.S, you ready made a blunder
Now you're down six feet under
All just because you had a girl that wanted to stick ya
Give this man a shovel, make way for the grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to dig his grave
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Bound to be a grave digga
Yo, he was bound to dig his grave
I take walks through my underground graveyard
Jumpin' over tombstones of those who are hard
You picked your casket by givin' out ass kicks
To those who didn't know about my ghetto tactics
You stuck and robbed, cause that's the way you live
And once in a shootout you caught a little kid
Look out my window saw you pimpin' through my area
And makin' people scared of ya
But there was one who was simply not havin' it
Pulled out a shank and cold started stabbin' ya
And now you wanna change the way you were livin'
Shoulda, coulda, woulda
Think about how many lives could be saved
If people would behave instead dig their own graves
I try to sit you down, listen child, let me tell you now
But you're livin' foul
That's why you're where you're at now
You're just another name
In the Ain't-That-A-Shame Grave Digga Hall Of Fame
One day you're rich, next you're beggin' for a quarter
Don't you know your mouth gets you in hot water?
There's one thing that I have to say to you
Watch what you say don't watch what you do
Cause if you don't then you'll be just like the next nigga
(How you livin' huh?)

Writer(s): Marlon Williams, Al-terik Wardrick, Dupre Kelly
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