Testo della canzone Faith (Lords of the Underground), tratta dall'album Keepers of the Funk

Faith - Lords of the Underground

Keep the faith

It's been 21 years since I rose from the crotch,
Now that I'm grown I just sit back and watch,
Been almost 2 years that I dropped my first jam,
You still don't give me props but hey I understand,
You do what you got to keep from sinkin in the sand,
Nowadays everybody wants to be the man,
Whenever I come around you put up a front and shake my hand,
Smilin in my face but can't wait to take my place,
Say you can all be jealous but learn some control,
Be a man about it if you're a squirrel say you're a squirrel,
Cause though you don't respect me you can never break my heart,
Because I kept the faith and stayed true to the art.

I place all my faith in God cause God will never leave me. he won't deceive me, believe me
Let the faith set you free .
Well here's the jeep banger of the year,
I'm on another level but I still hang with my peers,
I got a couple of friends but why are the friends?
Is it cause I hip hop and now I got ends?
Although it used to be hard, it's seasons for the ends,
Because I'm making music and I'm settin mad trends.
Now it's got me wonderin thinkin to myself,
Will they be there when I'm knocked off the shelf?
Cause people come around only when you're doin well,
Or when they try to pull you down by tuggin on your tail, so what the hell?
You got the faith, so if you tryin to pull us down, well boy I swear it's too late,
Cause I got assistance beyond dissin sistas,
And yeah you can hear it when it's blastin the system,
I'm lyrical and spiritual so don't get hysterical
Cause when I'm doing well boy it ain't no miracle, it's the faith.

Now as the wordplay goes came a ring around the rosy.
You find a lot of jealous people always being nosy.
I try to stay away from all you scandalous snakes in the grass,
That's always in your ass,
All up in my biz like yo, how can I be down?
Leave me alone and stop jockin me clown!
When I was dead broke you wouldn't have nothin to do with me,
But now all of a sudden yo you wanna crack a brew with me?
Never did I think about the worth of my birth,
Not until now, it took my man to get hurt,
So Jazz tell me do you feel destroyed? I feel destroyed,
So oooh I guess I flow with the noyds.
I'm doin what I'm doin and I'm doin this for you,
And with this in mind, see I won't stop or soothe,
The credibility and the originality
You know the type of stuff that takes me to the t.o.p? The faith.

Writer(s): Alterik Wardrick, Dupre L. Kelly, Bruce Anthony Colston
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