Testo della canzone SCG3 Special Report (LORDI), tratta dall'album The Arockalypse

SCG3 Special Report - LORDI

This is an SCG3 special report with Sam Romero
Sam: "Good evening.
I'm Sam Romero. We continue our Special report now on the so called monster invasion. As Of 11 a.m. today, the President has declared the nation to be under marshal law. Reports coming in now indicate the mass hysteria continues to spread through out the globe. It is not yet confirmed by officials what is causing these horrific events, but it is suggested by certain sources, that these creatures are now being spotted through out the world are niether human, nor are they wild animals. It is strongly advised that people should stay indoors, and if you encounter one of these beings, DO NOT try to make contact with them. They will attack without warning. Our very own William Tracy in the skies, now reporting. Will?"
Will: "Sam, we are here hovering here over Down Town were the monsters are literally swarming the city. The freeways are clogged; there is absolutly now way out of Down Town. These creatures, they're are incredibly strong. A few minutes ago, we saw one actually pick up an SUV, and throw it at a clump of people, and then... Eh? Zoom in on that! yeah! Are we getting that? Its actually looking at us! Its, its climbing! its, no Pull up, PULL UP PULL U... scratch... UUP... ROAR... scratch"
Sam: "Will? Hmm, ahem. We seem to be suffering from technical difficulties. We'll get back to William Tracy as soon we get the sattelite feed repared. In the meantime, we now go live to Joan Caar, at the Hellbender Plaza. Joan?"
Joan: "Sam, I'm standing here with thousands of citizens. The first thing that greeted us when we drove up, was the smell of decomposing flesh. The dead are literally walking the streets! Eh, even though the people know about the curfue, there's absolutly no trace of the police or the miltary yet. It's understandable the people feel the urge to get out oh their homes, and go look for their loved ones. They don't know what to do, and how to cope with all of this...(Crouching people and explosions) Eh something's happening! Ehm, OH MY GOD! Run! Drop The Camera! Drop The Camera! Run! Screaming People, ROOOOAAARRR!... scratch"
Sam: "Uh We Um, seemed to be experiencing some more technical difficulties with Joan as well, so... hmm, I am just being told that someone is infiltrating our broadcasts. Are we going off the air?"
Monster: "Good Evening you puny little humans! Don't try to adjust your sets! We control the transmission! Your dominion of the Earth has gone on far too long! You've had your chances, you've blown them all! Now it's time to cut the bullshit, you are are a plague! We're forced to take disiplinary action! Behold the sounds that will grind your insides! The sights that will make you blind! Your walls of iron will bend and the seas will run red with your blood! The Earth will quake and open it's fuming maw, swallowing all the heretics and the fools on the wide path to hell. The skies will open with a thunderous roar! My little pets will fly out in swarms that will block for sun! They will kiss the flesh of the bones of those who still chose to follow the false prophets! Join us! or the ever drown the pit of despair! The Scartic Circle Gathering is now! This is the day of rockoning! This Is...

Writer(s): Kita, Lordi, Kalma, Amen, Awa
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