Testo della canzone Supercut - El-P Remix (Lorde feat. Run The Jewels & El-P), tratta dall'album Supercut (El-P Remix)

Supercut - El-P Remix - Lorde feat. Run The Jewels & El-P

In my
Supercut of us
Supercut, supercut of, supercut of, supercut of us

In my head, I play a supercut of us
All the magic we gave off
All the love we had and lost
And in my head, the visions never stop
These ribbons wrap me up
But when I reach for you, there's just a supercut

Supercut, supercut of us
Supercut, supercut of us
Supercut, supercut of us
Supercut, supercut of us

In your car, the radio up
In your car, the radio up
In your car, the supercut of us

We keep tryna talk about us
Slow motion, I'm watchin' our love
In your car, the supercut of, supercut of

We is the villains, and there ain't no chillin'
Get body bags and the toe tags, yeah
Scoundrels in housin', we tore through your town
And we reload it and now we back, man
Forgiato rollin' on a '96 Impala
With a pretty thing, show me where I'm slayin'
I ain't playin' with you lames
700 horse in the Hellcat
Take ya bitch, where ya at?

Dirty, all-black Jeep, 2018
With the clean rhyme rappers on deck, check
Came with the bad bars, bully with the big box
Trust we're the runners on set
G-G-Give it up, you don't got a bit of luck left
Nah, not even a itty bit of fresh (Good lord)
Fall on your sword for the crime abhorrent
That's your reward for the mindless whoring

This for everybody that hated
Michael and Jamie, we made it
Everyday debt due, we paid it
My cadence is heinous
You keep tryna play us, and you gon' be famous
And just like the top on my 7-5 drop
I'm just hittin' a button and you gon' be brainless

And that's from the back of a 'lac where I'm smokin' the sack
Wit' my girl, watchin' seasons of Shamelessly
There's no manual, Run the Jewels publish shit annual
Every minute I'm in it, I'm runnin' a clinic
Wild animal, livin' like a Fine Young Cannibal
Citizen of civics, admit it, the kid get it
Earth's a hot block, chop chop
My heart just pop off
The hot rocks shooters will knock your whole op off
That's why I don't got tocks on the clock to rock soft

So I fall into continents and cars
All the stages and the stars
I turn all of it to just a su-
Supercut, supercut of us
Supercut, supercut of us
Supercut, supercut of us
Supercut, supercut of, supercut of, super, super

Writer(s): Jack Antonoff, Michael Render, Jaime Meline, Ella Marija O'connor Yelich
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