Appreciation Day - Lloyd feat. Khujo Goodie

I wanna say thank you to my mama and my daddy
For making love the night that you had me
Wanna thank my friends, my sister and my brother
Mercedes for my peers, damn I love you like no other
(I) wanna thank my teachers,
(I) shout out to my preachers
(I) wanna thank my speakers, for giving me something to reach for
(I) wanna thank my fans from the Cali or the Compton
They know in this time I get this motherfucker popping
I wanna say to my cousin thanks for showing love
When I really needed guidance, but selling dope or thugging
Seventeen with a gun, a day I got arrested
Saved by Irv Gotti, he told me drop my blessing

So many lessons I've learned the hard way
Just look how far we came from hanging in the hallways
Now I dedicated my life to what the song say
There for me, here for you, yeah that's what I'll do
I wanna be there for you, will you be there for me, yeah, baby

I sent the letter to the eastside of heaven
In reason, miss your dollar, nobody need it better
My best friend Bonnie was sentenced at twenty
Until you have your freedom, I keep sending you money
Seems I've been getting older, from a two seater to a Rover
Needed more room for brandy, lil' Henny and a stroller
Gotta live stronger since I went vegetarian
I hope I live longer, dying ain't that scary

So much love I've been given in my lifetime
Without this music, damn I swear, I'd probably lose my mind
She's there for me, and I'm here for you, yeah that's what I'll do
For me

Ah yeah
Shh, quiet, Khujo's coming, ok ok
Blessing, well, what is a blessing?
Well, blessing is a gift from the creator
Of heaven and earth to see in all and it endure is
Well, in order to receive a gift from the father
You must have favor
Well how do I have favor man?
By being obedient to his word which are instructions from heaven
Well, what is his word man?

Well, you can hear him talking man, in genesis all the way to Malachi
Man, that's the law and the prophecy,
You know what they called the Old Testament
Like, yeah, might heard of that man
That's what's up

So study this all yourself, approve man
And get that blessing
Open your hand wide
So you can receive your blessing
Don't close your hands, open them wide
Not gonna receive your blessings when you got your hands close

Amen, thank you God for this life
Thank you God, I'm so thankful
Thank you God

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