Testo della canzone Intro / Rise From The Dirt (Lloyd Banks), tratta dall'album V6 - The Gift

Intro / Rise From The Dirt - Lloyd Banks

African American accident in America
See I'm not supposed to be here
Somehow I got the leverage to
Wipe my so-called stink off
Light my blunt take my mink off
Like I'm caught in a maze
Crime pays how much that thing cost, shit
Give me like 2 then, shit I deserve it
Came out of a darker hole than you've been
And ain't know my purpose 'til I was laying down & oozin'
But feeling all worthless ain't gon' help
Praying I'm in God's eyes Behind these bricks, life's a bitch and she kicks
I kicks 'em out, switching bitches like I'm switching these whips
I'll sick 'em on you with a flick of the wrist
I'm one of the greatest, take a picture of me miss
And bring my rose out by the pitcher we rich
I gives a fuck bout where they gon' place me give me the dough
You out of green then give me the gold
I'm doin' my thing & you niggas owe
Traitor bitches tell me sorry kiss the ring and get on the floor
I'm consistent when I party bottles low, give me some more
Name remove me from the average five, most likely not half as wise
My chain bring attention & your in detention mackin wise
Miss me with the chatter guy, keep your tool and the magnum by
Half of what really matters die, killin' niggas all swag aside
Fortune in my head they thought I was dead I took that fork out
Can't let 'em see me fall, I got the ball I took a short route
Encores as I walk out, standing ovations the walk in
Like Booker T when I'm talking they look at me and see all them
Fresh Malcom X I guard the crib with my tall gun
Blame the nigga that made 'em daddy's son picked the wrong one
Dying is my ultimatum won't be a bum in a long run
Powered by all the hating, since a little boy my balls hung
Life can hard to handle you try to offer your help but
They somewhere in the fight club fucking themselves up
They say my opposition would last, but they amateurs
My buzz rattled ya we ain't mad at ya, we ain't mad at ya
All I got is my word and my D
I gotta eat playboy I never leave this curb
A thousand degrees absurd, phenomenal me I'm heard
When I'm in the hood I'm good, NYC I serve
Lil boy born cheated, from a man down dream I wake
Taking air with a foul smell of disappointment
So much love yet so much hate
Grey skies, used veins, and white poison
Black on black crime for the green man's dollar
In time you will enslave yourself
Mama pushed too hard will not save faith
Will not stop, kill, or fold
I'm too strong, hard as a rock soul, inside cold
Hardly ever happy, hard times turn humility to homicide
One small piece to the pie of genocide
Same questions in 21 religions
Where will you go, who will, and who isn't
Young man rise from the dirt, rise from the dirt
Wipe your shirt and go to work

Writer(s): David Jolicoeur, Kelvin Mercer, Paul Huston, Vincent Mason Jr.
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