Testo della canzone After School (LL Cool J feat. P. Diddy), tratta dall'album 10

After School - LL Cool J feat. P. Diddy

[P. Diddy and LL ad lib for 19 seconds]

[LL Cool J]
I know a honey named Millie, raised out in Philly
Body so illy she make a grown man silly
A brainiac really she pretend she dilly
Like, Why you always look at me like that, you feel me?

[P. Diddy]
There's a girl named Wendy, love black Bentleys
Nails in her mouth, stay tryin to tempt me
She rolls with her sister and they both real friendly
It wasn't like that when my pockets was empty

[LL Cool J]
Shorty named Suzie, not quite a floozy
Let's just say she has a problem bein choosy
Scarf on her doobie when she in the jacuzzi
On the celly with her man, Love you - I'm at the movies

[P. Diddy]
Bird named Chyna (baby where you find her)
Uptown, she wrote a map down with eyeliner
Hotness, two or three girlfriends behind her
(On Amsterdam, lay in the lane, dippin despite her)

[Chorus: P. Diddy and LL paraphrasing Rappers Delight]
So after school, I take a dip in the pool
Which is really, on the wall
I got a color TV, so I can see, the Knicks play basketball
And we talkin bout checkbooks, credit cards, more money
Than a sucker, could ever spend
But I couldn't give a what about them cats you with
Get your friends baby, jump in the Benz

[P. Diddy]
I got a judge named Donna, I call her Your Honor
Whylin out with the gavel and the silk pajamas (let's go)

[LL Cool J]
And then there's Tamika, the seargeant gets deeper
She turned the bass way up and wind on the speaker
Girl named Kelly, rhinestones in her belly
Curly red hair, crackin jokes in the telly
Game concealed, a female Machiavelli
Hopin and prayin that I ain't ready for the jelly

[P. Diddy]
What about Asia (major flavor)
Can you feel it? Nothin can save ya
Once again I got 'em catchin the vapors

[LL Cool J]
Mr. Smith bout to get this paper
Paparazzi, pleaase give me a minute
You're pushin me to the limit, I know that I represent it
Be easy!

[P. Diddy]
Tammy, down in Miami
Fa'scheezy baby uhh, I see you at the Grammy's


[P. Diddy]
Everybody go - I wanna rock right now
LL and Diddy, we came to get down
Yes we're internationally known
For making movies and the microphone
Cause we get crazy, I mean outrageous
You rollin with us? You rollin with flavor

Ask Penny, I call her Good'n'Plenty (why?)
Cause after the show, there's nuttin open but Denny's (oh yeah)
Maybe the waffle house, down South there's many
She fix me a T-bone and take it to the Bentley

[LL Cool J]
Little Shaniqua, from Massapequa
Went and bought a beeper so I could reach her - anyway

[P. Diddy]
When you talk about Diddy and L
You talk about careers that's hard to kill
The whole entire globe recognize the grill
Walkin down the red carpet we're chilly chill!


[P. Diddy]
Everybody go - I wanna rock right now
LL and Diddy, we came to get down
Yes we're internationally known
For making movies and the microphone
Cause we get crazy, I mean outrageous
You rollin with us? You rollin with flavor

[Short ad libs]


Everybody go.
[LL] Friends to the end baby, y'knahmsayin?
[PD] Got history baby
[LL] Not even, no question about it
[PD] We won't stop
[LL] Yeah never, word up, we keepin this money
[PD] 10
[LL] Oh yeah
[PD] 10
[LL] Rockin with my man, rockin with that Bad Boy cat
[PD] Uncle L
[LL] Rock the Bells
[PD] A.K.A., Black Elvis
[LL] P. Diddy
[PD] Diddy
[LL] Hottest man in the city
[PD] Y'all see it
[LL] Word up, please believe it
[PD] Smile at it, love it, embrace it
[LL] Ahh, grin baby, grin
[PD] Get used to it
[LL] That gettin money smile

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