Testo della canzone This Is Who I Am (Lil' Kim feat. Swizz Beatz & Mashonda), tratta dall'album La Bella Mafia

This Is Who I Am - Lil' Kim feat. Swizz Beatz & Mashonda

Swizz Beatz (Where Brooklyn At? Where Brooklyn At?)
I Introduce To You (Where Brooklyn At? Where Brooklyn At?)
The Queen Bee (Where Brooklyn At? Where Brooklyn At?)
She Hold The Crown In This Game (Where Brooklyn At?
Where Brooklyn At?)
Ladies And Gentleman...
[Verse 1: Lil' Kim
It's The Worlds Famous, Lil' Kim, Queen Bee
I Am Who I Am, You Just Can't Change Me
No Matter What You Do, You Can't Take The Hood Out Me
People Been Around Me For Years, Don't Know Shit About Me
Dedicated, Like Muslims Makin' Selat
People Steady Try To Make Me Into Somethin' I'm Not
That's Why I Had To Cut The Grass, So I Could See The Snakes
Copped The House On The Hill So I Could See The Lakes
What You Thought? I'm A Girl, Couldn't Make It Alone
Time To Turn The Heat Up And Get Back In The Zone
One Day My Hairs Orange, The Next Day It's Green
The Trendsetter's Back On Your Tv Screen
[Chorus: Mashonda
This Is Who I Am (This Is Who I Am)
This Is What I Be (This Is What I Be)
People Runnin' 'Round (People Runnin' 'Round)
Tryna Change Me (Tryna Change Me)
Oh, No, No, No, No (Oh, No, No, No, No)
No, No, No (No, No, No)
Oh, No, No, No, No (Oh, No, No, No, No)
No, No, No (No, No, No)
[Verse 2: Lil' Kim
About Five Feet Even, Kinda Small In The Waist
Rap's Sex Symbol, Real Pretty In The Face
So What I Got Even Bigger Titties Than The Lakes
Still A Sophisticated Lady With Millions In The Safe
Switch Up Flows Like I Switch Up My Clothes
More Than Wilt Chamberlain Switched Up His Hoes
I'm A Profectionist, Gotta Stay On My Toes
Anything Goes When You Play With The Pro's
I Got Everybody Rappin' About Jewelry And Cars
Lil' Kim Give You A Platinum Sixteen Bars
I'm The Real Thing, Ya'll Kareokee Stars
This Is Who I Am
[Verse 3: Lil' Kim
I'd Rather Be Dead And Rich Than Broke And Livin'
Without Rap, I Probably Woulda Been Sellin' Dope In Prison
With Some Vera Wang Khakis And Nolteychucks
Suckin' The Warden's Dick In The Back Of The Bus
But God Made Me What I Am Today
So I Say Things Ya'll Afraid To Say
Just 'Cause You Got A Head Start That Don't Make You Strongest
He Who Burns Last, Burns The Longest
Fuck What They Say About Me
Fact Is I'm The Legacy Of B.i.g.
The Queen Of New York, Let's Get This Straight
I'm About To Be Elected Mayor Of 718
[Outro During Chorus Swizz Beatz
If You In The Club
You Are Listening To The Sounds
Of The [Scratch
] Queen Bee Baby
Ride The Bar, Queen Bee Baby
Mashonda On The Hook
I Go By The Name Of... The Monster
Swizz Beatz
You Are Listening To The Queen Bee
Bee Baby

Writer(s): Kimberly Jones, Christopher Wallace, Kasseem Daoud Dean
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