Testo della canzone Doing It Way Big (Lil' Kim), tratta dall'album La Bella Mafia

Doing It Way Big - Lil' Kim

{*dice rattle*} C'mon dice
{*dice rattle*} C'mon dice

Throw on the Hollyhood Wear by Lil' Kim
You know the Queen Bee known for
(Doing it way big)
We take trips to Mekenos, Greece
Just to shop, we don't stop
(Doing it way big)
This is for my millionaire club, golfers
Comin' up like Halle and Denzel, winnin' the Oscars
Y'all get y'all diamonds from Jacob, I ain't mad at ya
I get mine straight out the Kimberly Gold Mine in Africa
I smack niggas 'cross the face with a Centurion Card
Who don't believe I'm
(Doing it way big)
In the Contintental T, Magnolia B
. (Man, she doing it way big)
I'm comin' through Hummer stuntin', and I'm frontin'
Workin' that LaBurke and, Ermes bag (*Hermes Burkin bag*)
Only multi-millionaires who know about that
Be like. (damn, she doin it way big)

Anything we do we do it B.I.G.
Every move we make is always B.I.G.
And the number one rule, think B.I.G.
And the best rapper's still B.I.G. (one more time now)
Anything we do we do it B.I.G.
Every move we make is always B.I.G.
And the number one rule, think B.I.G.
And the best rapper's still B.I.G.

Pull out the G-55, Cavarolet
Oh by the way I'm (doin it way big)
Eight Alpine speakers, custom made H-R-E rims
(Uh huh, doing it way big)
The chinchilla blanket
The black diamond anklet
It's made out of leather
Go head faggot, try to yank it
Got all glass, Benz in all class
I do it big, my first kid gon' have a crib all brass
If it's, exotic y'all, I got it y'all
Every color lizard watch from Escada y'all
Private jets, Tiffany silverware sets
I got shit department stores ain't even get yet
I drop, thirty or more in Christian Dior
They gotta, close the store
And let me shop some more
We go to, Broadway plays in six white Rolls Royces
(Now that's what you call doing it way big)

As long as I'm here,
I'm gon' keep doin' it, doin' it how I do it
When I do it best believe I be doin' it
(...way big)
We greet our guests at the door
With champagne and cigars that read
(Doing it way big)
Chrome on the doors, stone on the floors
Fourteen karat gold paint on the walls
We swim in pools with marble waterfalls
Ball baby or don't ball at all
My bathroom is Chanel, my bedroom Louis Vuitton
And office decorated in, Ralph Lauren
I got a, Versace couch and pillows I sleep on
With the matchin' robe and slippers
I beg to differ
LaPerla lingerie, 'cause it fits my body
Get with us, we know how to throw a party
And you can't get in
Without a Queen Bee members only jacket
That reads (Doing it way big)

{*dice rattle*} C'mon dice
{*dice rattle*} (one more time now)
{*dice rattle*} C'mon dice

And the best rapper's still B.I.G.

Writer(s): Kimberly Jones, Christopher Wallace, Julian I Jr Garfield
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