Testo della canzone Game (Lil B), tratta dall'album I’m Gay (I’m Happy)

Game - Lil B

[Verse 1 - Lil B]
Most people are divided up
Like Apartheid
I'm sleeping where the sharks lie
Never see the snake eyes
Unless you fuckin with him
Always keep your distance
They won't have your back
But listen to every sentence
Never speak a sentence
You in the BasedGod's vision
And if you walk with it
Then it's a good decision
Don't try to talk a lot
Most people won't listen
You can't talk to yourself
It's in the whole damn vision
Lil B!
One love, man
It's just game
I'm spittin game
Throw it back to the lanes
[Verse 2 - Lil B]
I'm stepping in the dragon's lair
With smoke in my eyes
I'm not surprised
Hell on Earth, can't stop them guys
With death on their minds, you can't
Stop their rides with drugs in the car
With the eagle's eyes looking out
For the cops and the needles, right?
Back then, they were watching and fiending
Like in the hood, dope man serving Jesus, right?
No loyalty, no respect, no honesty
Honestly I'll move away
But niggas going to say that you
Never lived there. New Kids On The Block
Putting new bids there. New jails with new
Bids there. They waiting to put some new kids there
My nigga?
Passed jail, fuck it, never lived there
I'm the rawest
I'm spitting game
Let's get it, one live to live
[Verse 3 - Lil B]
Please tell me who's your boss
Cause I'mma tell them that their dude
Is lost. And you gonna feel
Like triple the cost. Of course I
Must be dumb, how I get this far?
I must be real wack, how I get this hard?
Niggas wanna be famous, why he? so far?
Can't see through, it's like a soul
Metaphoric to the Earth, I turn anything to gold
You waited too long, dudes, your dreams is old
Better late than never, go collect my cheddar
Give my mom a few checks, gonna be straight
Forever. You ain't feeling me dogg
My bank account was zero, you ain't feeling me dogg
But I gotta be a role model
If he wrote all above
Lil B, brand-da-dang, swag!
Let's get it
One life to live

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