Testo della canzone Exhibit 6 (Lil B), tratta dall'album Angels Exodus

Exhibit 6 - Lil B

[Intro: Lil B]
This is my Exhibit 6
Shouts out to Jay Electronica
Pray for me

[Verse: Lil B]
I was plightin on the game
On the Killa shit, illest shit
But I lost my brain - this is pain
On the track. Niggas heavey off the caine
I don't know what time it is
And I did forgot my name, but
A nigga went through things that
Make you go insane. Product of the hood
I was tripping off the chains
Knowing it's the chains
That destroy these nigga's brains
I?, they serving false games
You gotta be real to even feel the same
I swear to God I'm so real, nigga
Like David Blaine
This is my Exhibit C
This guy right beside me
Wise man more foot the fools
Than the wise man. Pre-conceived notions
Please move beside them
I'm living off instinct
The honor in my conscience
The fire in my soul: I'm not a rap artist
This is spoken word. You niggas have nerve
To have your doubts on what is superb
Don't mistake knowledge for wisdom
The first is a living, the other is a gift, son
Learn off the [?] and get your distance
Made myself a man: I ain't even need assistance
My heart is wiser than my mindset
Don't let your mind fade
I ain't even drop the dime yet: listen
I ain't even drop the dime yet
Can't sleep at night
The pain got me open
The pain got me angry
The pain got me smoking
Flat on my back it was a current that was potent
Now I'm giving blessings
I won't take suggestions
Haters try to down me
But this is my progression
Me up in the studio is when you see perfection
Achievement connected with the axis
Last time I failed
Is when I fell in love with distractions
Personal development, springboard excelelnce
Be anything just know who the Devil is
But let me let the mind slip, nigga
Let the pedal slip. Let the Mack-11 spit
Intensity of purpose: that's how I define a genius
To reach a great spot you gotta dip
Talking about death not deaf
Raising every time we fall
Niggas ask who the best
Whoever that they think
Based over here'll hustle hard
I won't blink. Obstacles are scary
Feeling like you're cursed, do it for the people
Most of it is just work
This Exhibit 6, please drop the 7
I heard some evil numbers, but I won't repeat em
I'm human like you, I want the knowledge like you
But don't trip: I stay on paper like glue

[Outro: Lil B]
This is my Exhibit 6
Shout-outs to BasedWorld for holding me down
And this is the Takeover
Based4Life, BasedLegends, BasedOverlords
Lil B: BasedGod
I want the rap game, and I'm ready to run the rap game
"It's a wrap!"

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