Testo della canzone Deep Ass Thoughts (Lil B), tratta dall'album Gods Father

Deep Ass Thoughts - Lil B

Man I just got some deep ass thoughts
Man shit, sitting in this old ass car man
Feel like shit don't never change, ya feel me?
But it change everyday
I feel like we a part of one big organism
Just stay positive, it's bigger than what we really think
I think, I think I will succeed, if I try my best
I think I won't do well, if I put my brain to rest
And I sit it at the end of the hallway, waiting at the end of the line
Because some boys don't try when their brain is not fried
When we do see? we do think for our brothers
Because the next brother got a shiny new car that can drive for em'
We got a fucking bus that stop every second
So you pop a brother with a gun and end his life just like that
From the bullet in the gat, that you shot, just like that
You should feel pain, because you just ended a brain
Father, son, grand-kid, anything
You wanna just, think before you bust a gun, no more racism
Please show there's always there will be a light at the end of tunnel
But when there ain't, you should hope that it works out
Because it will be okay
Man, I just got some deep ass thoughts
Man, I just got some deep ass thoughts
Bruh, I just got some deep ass thoughts
Man, I just got some deep ass thoughts
For real, I just got some deep ass thoughts
Man for real, I just got some deep ass thoughts
For real, I got some deep ass thoughts
Man for real, I got some deep ass thoughts
What if I float, away today, would you cry for me?
Or would you share everything, please?
Based World, we designed to lead
I'm on the grind, cause nigga's ain't dying for me
I know my mom would, cause she made me
I know my dad would, cause he made me
All my life on the block I was crazy
I'm on the block raw(?) street, Bitch pay me
They passin' new laws, they gon' lock you down
I'm staying 10 toes down, they won't stop me now
Don't pass out, throwing gas out
Took the fast route, pull the mask out
Yeah, you asleep now, I'm playing off the beat down
And I hear the streets calling, nigga's cheap man
I change my number often
You can tell how he acts, he gonna be sleeping in the coffin
This for everybody that, they think so hard, man they thoughts be so deep
But nobody believe them, but I believe them
I believe I can talk to the bugs, I ain't gonna lie, but that's another chapter
I'mma try to understand, keep it based

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