Testo della canzone Sleeper of Hypnagog (Lantern), tratta dall'album Ii: Morphosis

Sleeper of Hypnagog - Lantern

On through the sleeper's lair...
This vestibule of bones
The dream-like lion's den
His serpentine abode
A way one only fares
At lucidity's end
And the death of comprehension -
The sleeper's time of wake

A convict of coercing silence
Trapped I am, inside these bowels rendered dead and timeless
Gatekeeper: how long must my shade still lengthen?
"Ceaselessly... until thou findst redemption at His altar"

Pledge thy vow... without retreating thy glance
Kneel and bow... with purest obeisance
In the dead of the night... succumb to the cult
By the killer's sight... thy blood is bound to halt

Absorbed by that which calls me, voicelessly
The dread that lies beyond what my eyes can see...
Restlessly, like waiting for an axe
To take a swing and chop my head off
I squirm and tremble

Is this where I shall witness my last?
Is this the way my days are bound to pass away;
In despair and solemnly aghast?

A black chime airs, paving way for an ungodly mass

The hour drawing nigh, I feel it in my bones
It's calling me inside... the nightmare's heart and soul
To doze the violent dreams in the sleeper's stead -
The predator unchained from its depths

My path leads on through honeycombed flesh corridors
My vanquished soul in this living death's undertow;
In desolation, my ashen lips in an averse moan
I lay down on a stone with bloodstains

...My eyes 'come heavier

And into the night my struggling fades
My bane in this ritual deep inside my brain
A whisper the knife that cuts the weak bonds
Of rapture and pure agony

...The lion roars

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