Testo della canzone Too Complex (L Da Headtoucha), tratta dall'album Destined for Greatness

Too Complex - L Da Headtoucha

"Greater than your Benz or your Lex" - De La Soul 'The Bizness'
Deep in the depths of the mind
The pro is prime, trapped like a mime
In the same space and time, lifeless
Vocals excel when trifers
Centerfold of your ciphers
My aura shines divine, priceless
Much to complex to yap
Maybe perhaps when I think of rap
My thinkin' cap (what?)
Reveals the skills unlimited
Rappers be half as great
Mentally they can't elaborate
So they exaggerate and fabricate
My words collaborate, formulatin' a sentence
It's all ill when the blunted mind defense this
Respect next to wisdom
Makes the god's mental
Inflammable grammable feel gentile
I sense y'all don't know the art
Comprehensively, energy enters me when I depart
It's like sweet sorrow
Bottles I follow catch wreck
Engine's to my comprehension be just too complex
To get vex and just step
I'd rather snatch a rapper's rep
Breakin' them into debris
Vocally, y'all label me as the illest mic killa
Still in the grind, the mind driller
Poetically is how I'm depicted
The rhythm's got me addicted so my ill skill inflicts it
Similar, the verbal Christ
Enormous, my performance equally will be precise
We puttin' rappers on ice
Most of 'em should have thought twice now they're payin' the price
I knock 'em out like Mic Tys when the tracks connect
The engine's to my comprehension is just too complex
"Greater than your Benz or your Lex
The engine to my comprehension is just too complex" - De La Soul 'The Bizness'
"Greater than your Benz or your Lex
The engine to my comprehension is just too complex"
To M.C. the art of rhymin' should be pure and natural
When I think of all these ill skills, international
You see my words in actual will attract the steel like a magnet
Niggas is stagnant and incomplete like the fragments
Actually, my words are a jagged edge, criminal
Borderline, subliminal
One of the earth's finest minerals
I'm past the pinnacle
And still I hold my fort like a general
Intervals, all excerpt the maximum
Release the minimal energy
Hennesy's sure to blur the memory
Remember me, that ill nigga?
Thoughts sporadic set to peel niggas
Mics are metaphors of what the man is, might merge
I recite slurs with the right words
What occurs when I conjure
Illest spirits from beyond ya
You was warned like Alaja
The drama ganja drains away
When my mind's A.K. spray in the A.K.A
Nine trey, double rays, bubble thin
The illest niggas we devour from out the dark
Either that or walk the walk
You claim you had your shit together now it's fallin' apart
Who woulda thought you'd be wack?
We gave you dap in the beginning now we takin' it back
I only boogie from a track when mad niggas react
We specify the artifacts and represent 'em on wax
"Greater than your Benz or your Lex
The engine to my comprehension is just too complex" - De La Soul 'The Bizness'
"Greater than your Benz or your Lex
The engine to my comprehension is just too complex
Let's take a deep breath and inhale and exhale
For those who prison in the minds and those that been bailed
Fuck the fan shit, it's about to hit the windmills
What I reveal, not omni still it's strictly been real
Y'all know the deal, skills
Poetry hits my peoples like food for thought
Vocals distort, shorts the sequels
Mics forever like the paradox of pure evil
Like throwin' crumbs to the seagulls
Old folks pray in cathedrals
Tryin' to live that better life legal
Feeble, my mind remains haunted by mad things
Plus everything is real when you're blunted
These days the trees blaze
We backspin 'em like the DJs
Cuttin' you down to size in
The fantasy land you and your mans was devisin'
I set it off like horizons
Strategically, it's like I'm movin' the crowd
I'm lickin' shots, bustin' up at the clouds
We be audacious, treadin' on glaciers
Slang got sprayed down in Tanqueray without the chasers
On the earth there ain't a place you can run to hide
When my sets collide with your planet
Rock bottom solid my frame be like granite
Very few can understand it
Perfects my mic's sex when the thoughts connect
The engine to my comprehension is just too complex
The engine to my comprehension is just too [echo]
"Greater than your Benz or your Lex
The engine to my comprehension is just too complex" - De La Soul 'The Bizness'

Writer(s): Unknown Writer, Donald Triggs
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