Testo della canzone The March (Ky-Mani Marley), tratta dall'album Radio

The March - Ky-Mani Marley

Rise to your feet little soldier
Times are changing, yeah
See in order to get it
You got to go out there and get it
You got to know your mark
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
I've got my mind made up
I'm in my fatigues and I'm ready for war
Hear the drummer drumming
This situation's my occupation
A buffalo soldier that's just what we are
And when you're digging your trenches, soldiers make sure you dig them deep
Cuz the only way to survive this place this time little homie is to never sleep
You see this war ain't in Iraq it's right here on the neighborhood streets
Well mother fuckers they're just living to die, welcome to the belly of the beast
You got a little bit of dro in yo pocket spark up and put your mind at ease
Cuz you think they give a fuck about you for a second, ooh
You might as well be deceased
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Respect it and check it, the Southside where I sling
Still there's no stopping till the entire world is mine
My coalition is firm, don't you be concerned
To live and die on the streets and tough lesson learned
Lord knows I ain't no killer but don't temp me
Cuz I can squeeze on my trigger until it's empty
And you would never catch me slip food to militants
Cuz I'm surrounded by angels tell um im heaven sent
Ain't afraid to die for the cause, nooo
I keep a lookout for snakes they full of in vic
Eyes bloodshot red I'm burning of sensi
Harder the battle the sweeter the victory
And I'm ready to write my own verse of history
You can't tell me I never told yah boy
You can't rhyme yah mother fucking Soulja Boy
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
Yo left yo left yo left right left
I'm fighting to survive the seeds of my own
So I teach them lessons they need to know for when they get grown
Say son you stay far from snitches and get a good girl boy keep far from her, haha
Now keep your focus with your eye on the prize
A million rise just for their rights, fuck it a million die
Drop to your knees and hold your head to the sky
And say a prayer for the lord soldier that you need to fly
Dear lord the hour is upon us
As we engage in battle be merciful upon our souls
Grant us the strength so we may overcome the danger that lay in our way
Our father, who arth in heaven hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day, our daily bread
And forgive us of our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass us

Writer(s): Alex Francis, Unknown Writers
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