Testo della canzone Wonderful World (Krayzie Bone), tratta dall'album Fredwreck's Greatest Hits Episode 1

Wonderful World - Krayzie Bone

(Feat. La Reece & K-Mont)

What a wonderful world, world, world, world

Is this really a wonderful world, world, world?

Out in the streets, streets
When the thugs play out in the streets, street
We blast that pistol
You's a damn fool if you don't duck, duck, duck
We do what we gotta do to survive, gotta stay alive
Even if the nine millimeter has to whistle
We can whistle while we work

Now I remember mama told me not to be up on the block trying to
Push rocks
She said, 'Cause that's the reason that your brother right now
In trouble with the cops'
I said, 'No way not me, ma'
But when she turned her back I stuffed the llello in my sock
Hopped on my BMX, and I'm out
Yeah, I got what the fiends need
If you need some weed, I got it
Got the powder and can rock it for ya (rock it for ya)
My first employer was my bigger brother
Til his ass got knocked and locked the f**k up
Stuck up in that system and I miss him
But can't stop eating meals 'cause he in there
And he should be happy I'm out so I can send him commisary
As I reach my territory, I jump off my lowrider
Yeah, thats my bike but you don't tell nobody
Soon as I hit the corner the fiends was on a nigga
Had to them bustas quit hatin' just cause my boulder's bigger
First I bust a ten, then I bust a twenty sale
Another fifty sale, shit today the fiends are spending well
Couple hours past and I got two rocks left
And I need to get these off
Walk up a few blocks where
Them niggas think they ballin', but they smokin' man
I tell 'em, I got them double up's
And sell my dope to them
If you don't tell nobody, I won't tell nobody
Paid them niggas two for twenty
I went home and I got pissy (pissy)
Drunk as a skunk, roll me a blunt
This is shit we do everyday
We can't front, can't front


[Krayzie Bone]
Well, well, well

It was just, one of them days on the ave of Lincoln
I'm just sittin' on the mail box watchin' and thinkin'
I just bought all my rocks and the fiends is rushin'
A little boy ran in the streets and his moms is fussin'
The neighborhood watch, they called the police twice

And my niggas always fight over a game of dice
Everyday it's like a story, it's so much drama
My girl just found out that I'm hittin' her mama
And my niggas who went to college, they never keep in touch
And my next door neighbor, he just stole the bread truck
He also stole a taxi, would brag and wouldn't care
He started pickin' up niggaz and started chargin' 'em fare

I guess the year was about 1981
I'd say I was about eight
Standing on the corner, bullets rang out
A little hoodster exposing too much
Niggas on my block play real robbers and cops
Big sis shootin' at niggas through the mail box
'Cause motherf**kers knew it wasn't no males in the house
Momma's at work, daddy who knows?
I got tired of wearing my sister's clothes
Young and shit, already on a role
Playin' look-out for the corner dope house
Start earnin' some clout
Got bigger, developed a figure
Got me a nigga, and then my thang start learnin' the game
Seperating the real niggas from the lames
The street light's 'bout to come on
I gotta go home, ain't shit changed


Well, well, well, well

Yo, I got needs and stuff, I had to be poppin' marry
I hit her with the 'Is you is, or is you ain't my baby?'
I know a Tom, know a Jerry, call 'em 'Su and Eve
I be goin' down in history, not a cliff, like Heath
Where beef comes from size, and give me 'em all baby
And what, what, no motherf**kin' gravy? (no gravy?)
Y'all have made me, Taz-mania mad
An I heard Damizza got him a little Arabian lad named Hodgi
Doin' his thing like Sagi
I'm tired of seein niggas do it
Time to watch me
Y'all remember the channel, the time and place
Just get on the couch, a floor, and find a space
Moms and pops worked all week to get the phatter place

So your little ass had a TV on Saturday
I know I took ya back, you ain't gotta thank 'Su
Just remember, you rascals is little and I will spank you


[Krayzie Bone]
Well, well, well, well


What a wonderfull world, world, world, world

Is this really a wonderfull world, world, world?

Writer(s): Unknown, Nassar Fredrick Farid
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