Testo della canzone Just a Man (Krayzie Bone), tratta dall'album Nothing Left to Prove

Just a Man - Krayzie Bone

I'm just trying
To do whatever I can
And if I should cry
Well you know
I'm only a man
To say you just a human
To say you just a man
What does that mean?

I am
What I am
All I am
Cause I'm a man

I know I've been gone
Ain't been around in a while
Been drifting around about
Probably got me down
My mind is kind of cloudy
I can't focus
Too much evil around here
I'm hater-phobic
I'm just trying to make a living with my blessings
By every mean necessary
Gotta be successful
But how I'm trying to get the money
Keeping me stressing
That's why I stay high
Run around with the chest full of smoke
Inhale, exhale
Blow all my problems away
It's been so long since I drop down
And to my father just pray
Cause I'm feeling really guilty
Saying that I'll never gonna do it again
But I will be sinning again
Sipping on Henny with the rest of my friends
It's gonna kill me
So why does it thrill me
I must like living on the edge
Chasing the devil while he playin' with my head
Slave in a bubble
And behave like I'm dead
No more nothing
No more existence
Then I wake up and I realize
I don't really want to die
My sinning I'm trying to minimize
But see the problem with the Gemini
They recognize that they made a mistake
After is too late
So I'm thinking
Maybe I should turn around
And run from the Devil
Take it to another level (slow down)
And careful with the rebel point of view
Maybe not a whole blunt
Maybe just a joint or two
What to do?
Dog I really don't know
Should I say the hell with it?
Go and get the 44
Suicide is a suicide
I really don't know who am I?

I'm just trying
To do whatever I can
And if I should cry
Well you know I'm only a man
To say you just a human
To say you just a man
What does that mean?

Writer(s): Derric Johnson, Trad
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