Testo della canzone If Your Girl Only Knew (remix) (feat. Aaliyah) (Krayzie Bone), tratta dall'album War Is On

If Your Girl Only Knew (remix) (feat. Aaliyah) - Krayzie Bone

He did (he did) ya wrong

Hey girlfriend, if someone told your boyfriend, ohhh, uh, uh, uh, uh
If they told him, what me and you be doin
Somebody's gonna be in trouble (gonna be in trouble)

(???) we be kickin it like husband and wife
You see that's the reason you sleepy sayin "not tonight"
Meet me at the corner store ain't nobody gotta know
Soon as you pull up we pull out and roll
Follow me home
Let's get away and be alone, unplug my phone
You know the song baby
All around the world it's the same song, the same song
Turn off the light we be smokin bud in the dark
Every time I hit the weed
I can see your beauty reflectin when it spark
Girl I feel it the reeder and the vibe is perfect
And don't feel worthless cuz if your man was actin right he'd be worth it
Baby, he don't deserve this (deserve this)
So don't be actin nervous
And besides he ain't here it's closed curtains
Gettin it on shit
You know it's something about
When you be sneakin for some reason
The lovin feel much better
When you're creepin don't you get too sleepy
You know you gotta go
Yo man is back at home and probably waitin at the door
So, I get with you tomorrow
Baby just page me, hit me up
And when I jump outta work
Come on over and give me some

All I needed was a thug in my life
Somebody that'll treat me right
Slap it from the back, and keep it wet all night
A rider like you that's ghetto-life
Answer to my dreams knew that you was him on sight
The way your shit was tight
Ain't no happy home, uh-huh
Talkin to them chickens on the cell phone
Took your shit too long
Now two can play the game
I'm feelin you and ain't no shame (shame)
And when i'm in your arms I feel no pain (pain)
Can't hit the spot like you, cop a knot like you
Flip it over quick and knock it out the box like you
Keep it locked like you it's only on my mind
And when i'm rollin in my Benz knowin you on your grind
You make my heat melt
And I don't want no one else
If I can't have you i'd rather touch myself
Just give the word boo, i'm leavin all this shit for you
That thug passion got me sprung, so whatcho gon' do?

Gonna be in trouble, gonna be in trouble
In trouble, in trouble
Cause if anybody find out, uh-uh, and you know that
Yes you know that

Hey girlfriend, if someone told you girlfriend...

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