Testo della canzone Heated Heavy (Krayzie Bone), tratta dall'album True Thug Never Dies

Heated Heavy - Krayzie Bone

Leatherface, Let 'em die... Shoot 'em...
Shoot 'em if they... shoot 'em if they... shoot 'em if they... shoot 'em if they
Move (move, move)
Runnin' with the AK-47, watch 'em all fall dwn, down (1, 2, 3, 4; Dead)
Runnin' with the AK-47, come on what's up with y'all now (What's up with y'all
Runnin' with the AK-47 buckin', heated heavy/ Nigga love the way I wet 'em when
I get up in 'em
Runnin' with the AK-47/ Buckin', heated heavy, bustin' niggas in the belly/ Then
I follow with the
.357 and then the automatic Tech'll get 'em/ Niggas love the way I wet 'em when
I get up in 'em
Hit 'em, and I really meant to split 'em/ Put these niggas on they ass like a
Overdose of penicillin
Murda, nigga wanna pack a pistol wit it/ We got a coffin that'll fit you in it/
The bullets come with it
Heard a nigga 'posed to be on the stalk/ So now we takin' caution when we walk/
A lot of niggas can
Talk, they better not be actin'/ Nigga better show me some affirmative action/
Cuz I'm a take it
Maybe more/ Comin' throu blastin'/ An innocent nigga; You try to run and go
Back/ Cuz nigga,
That crossfire's no lie/ Your muthafuckin' bullets fly by me blind/ It's a hell
Of a war so muthafucker
Bring it on, bitch/ Hell yeah, we been ready for the longest/ Who you gonna come
With? Yes
We sinnin', so maybe to die; We gotta be ready (ready) Got into the game just a
Lil' too deep (too
Deep) Now muthafuckers on the creep and I can't sleep until my enemies rest in
Peace, rest in peace
(Murda Mo! It's that Bloody Murda Mo!)
Yeah, stackin' the artillery shop/ Then get the enemy and fuck up the cops/ This
Shit'll kill 'em on the
Spot/ Throw 'em in the lake/ Right off of the rocks and get the fuck away/ Don't
Get caught
You better hurry, nigga/ G-O for what you N-O/ So ho, come on/ Nigga, wanna see
If it's real
We got promos/ Stack 'em and tag 'em with the 44 magnum/ Get 'em inside 'em, hit
The spine
Paralyze 'em/ Listen to the pistol when it whistles, spittin' many missles,
Splittin' niggas to the gristle
Hit 'em in the middle of the forehead/ Is the muthafuckin' ho dead? Oh, yeah!
Reload it! M-11
9 millimeters up in the front; pump stuck, when we jump out to run; They in the
Trunk/ I told you
Right up under my seat I keep heat/ You playin' me? Don't forget, it's right
Next to my feet
Never know what I'm a pull out and shoot when I reach, and y'all ain't leavin'
The scene without bleedin';
Stick it to 'em/ Nigga, give it to 'em however they want it/ Bring it to us, and
It's brung back/ Trust us
(Murda Mo! It's that Bloody Murda Mo!)
Who you gonna fuck with? ThugLine? Now it's the end of the song and I drunk the
Whole bottle
I been fuckin' with the killa liquor/ Sippin' Hennessey/ And I got me the pin to
See the fuckin' enemy
That wanna put me deep/ Paranoid when I'm in the streets; bulletproof, but they
Can get me
Underneath or in the upper H-E-A-D/ And I don't wanna be another casualty-ty so
I got to be much
Quicker to release/ Screamin' bloody murder/ Makin' muthafuckers eat the
Mossburger/ Undertaker
Nigga, take 'em under to the Wasteland/ Leather Face up in the place/ You better
Pin a nigga
Crazy? Krayzie/ Never mistake me for these lames that be fakin', playa hatin',
Concentratin'/ So we
Eliminate and we erase 'em, erase 'em, yes we erase 'em, erase 'em, erase 'em,
Yes we erase 'em
If you wanna get fucked up, nigga wanna get bucked up (Jump); Buck...{shot}

Writer(s): A. Henderson
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