Testo della canzone Armageddon (Krayzie Bone feat. Souljah Boy, Mo! Hart, Thug Queen & Felecia), tratta dall'album Thug Mentality 1999

Armageddon - Krayzie Bone feat. Souljah Boy, Mo! Hart, Thug Queen & Felecia

(Feat. Souljah Boy, Mo! Hart, Thug Queen & Felecia)

The Time has come
Let us unite, Mount!

(Thug Queen)
My heavenly father; s children
(My haevenly father)
The time has come for judgement
False prophets never blend in
For we are (we are)
Revelation angels descending (my lordy lord) from our sins
No need to pretend
Who provided me oxygen I loved since I began
Prayin' you wash away my sins
Babylon the great has fallen, offsprings of the Wicked One crawl
Fearin' that their lord is calling
Blessed be the sins of the Almighty
Destunation of any others: burn eternaly, and waste in heat

(Krayzie - 5X)
Oh look what we've been done
What have brung, brung, brung?

(Souljah Boy)
It's Armageddon pay attention
You better recognize the ends is coming
You'll be wishin' it wasn't time to die
Cause I can see and I can feel it
It's all in my bone
And ain't no tellin' when you living
You're dead, you're gone for sure
We go through this war I thought you knew
It's time to recruit
And you, and you, you better be prepared to shoot
So look out, boy
(And you're runnin', and you're coming)

Uh-oh, uh-oh, no-no, not the evil system
Armageddon bring new kingdom
Hey tell me where you're runnin' to
Cause when I find you you're marked by the beast, so you're not a survivor
So it's time to die, kiss ourselves goodbye
The whole world bites the dust, couldn't live while corrupted up

(Souljah Boy)
Enough get up, and get youselves together
Get your kids 'cause they're rebellion got to learn 'em with a lesson
It's taught
You're brought caught up in your web
And it's your fault got no pulse
Armaggedon will have you broke off
But still you don't wanna learn, learn
Standin' too close to that fire, get burned, burned

Muder is coming to ge us, believe me
It's seekin to find your future
The feeling I get when it's creepin'
Now police have been killin' (?) us (?) to ger rid of us
What you want?
I'm sick of the world, putting us all in coffin'
But y'all don't feelin' me now
How silly can we be?
It's judgement day as we speak
And it ain't no other road, no
Death is the only way to go
So murder is comin' to get us, pin us, all within time
Armageddon, -geddon, -geddon

(Chorus - Felicia)
The end is coming
You better get ready for Armageddon

Destruction rollin' over us in murderous ways, killin' you everybody
See did anybody pray?
But it's much tool late
If you have not been told on Judgement Day
Bloddy fate and you can't say " Wait!"
Could you imagine seeing life end and I mean your life just flashing
Poof, gonna do?, gonna do?
Do you wanna live the rest of your life?
Or do you wanna die with the rest of your life, life?
Somebody calling me telling me "You better get up, the end is comin"
It's comin' they comin', and yes I believe it, I know it
I know it's near!
Look here, ha you ain't trying to be outside when the sun no longer shine
That's right, that's right, that's right
Now look at you burn
We're lost fallin' from the ground, law free we are
Freedom from po po, we don't need 'em no more
And I hope you catch the first blow

(Souljah Boy)
I'm flipping much praise to the lord above me
No one can change that
I know the difference between life and death
And while you lie back thinking your life your gonna live forever
Who put you on that level?
It was a lie would be nice
Souljah Boy'll treat you better
Never put anything before your children
Honor your mother and father
You're going to live forever in the Kingdom, peace
The Maker, he got somthing for us
He gave us life y'all
And he's gonna have to destroy us, gonna break us off

(Chorus Felicia)
The end is coming
You better ge ready for Armageddon

(Mo Hart)
An there shall be great earthquakes
And the sun becomes as black as sack cloth
And the moon as blood
And the stars of heaven shall fall unto the earth
Even as a fig tree cast her untimely figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind
And the heavens, the heavens will depart as a scroll
And it is the roller together
And every mountain and island will move out of their places
And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men
And the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bond man
And every free man, shall hide themselves in the dens
And in the rocks of the mountains
And shall say to the mountain and the rocks
"Fall on us, fall on us
And hise us fro the face of Him that sit upon the throne
And from the wrath of the lamb
For the great day of His (?) has come
And who shall be able to stand?
Who shall be able to stand?
Who shall be able to stand?"

Writer(s): Henderson Anthony, Antonio Romeo D, Lyons Willie Lashore
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