Testo della canzone Knieght Rieduz (Here We Come) (Krayzie Bone feat. Knieght Rieduz), tratta dall'album Thug Mentality 1999

Knieght Rieduz (Here We Come) - Krayzie Bone feat. Knieght Rieduz

Krayzie and kneight rieduz: thug mentality 1999

(Leatherface... deadly whispers...((?))
You're gonna die here, y'know? (the widow-maker) knieght rieduz
(Knieght rieduz) there's no escaping the knieght rieduz
Knieght 1- shhh
Hey, I be pirate they call shhh {laughing} you wanna walk the plank?
C'mon, I'll make you walk the plank/ aiming point-blank range,
Buckin' up brain, what a bloody bloody scene, make the old lady scream, "oh, no!

I don't believe it" but you seen it redrum murder, baby/ all they saw was the
Shadows of the dark
So they can't tell the law/ ha, ha, ha! f**k 'em!
Knieght 2
Even in the rain, like to see the head pop when they heart stop; drop
Knieght 1- shhh
As they pulse begins to weakin'; complications with their breathin'
And I'll step on they neck while they wheezin'/ comin' from the underland
Pirates, understand we are unidentified; 1st of our kind/ knieght rieduz roll,
Vroom, vroom, vroom
All the pirates on the ships-n-the witches on the brooms
And manic, and manic, and manic; it must be magic {laughing}
We move only when the moonlight guides us/ when the sun rises, you will not find
We will not exist/ disappear from the faces of the earth, but when the clock
Strikes 12{clock ring}
All hell breaks loose (tell 'em right... tell 'em)we are the people
Under the floors and we will kill you/ dressed in black, my name is shhh
And I shall speak no more (no more)
Knieght 3 - deadly whispers
Bewildered by the mere sight of us/ mind twisted; shook-up
Should'na never missed that bus/ danger closing in on all sides
You only get one chance, you better take it/ run, hide
Appeared from outta nowhere/ no trace to be found/ we come and we go
Without even a sound/ one in hand, I am he; deadly whispers, cutting throu my
Like the sharpest of scissors/ more or less showin' you all no pity
And you women have the audacity to tell you body with these sexual tendencies
It couldn't happen even in your wildest fantasies

I'm not gonna pass out when I'm throu...
Knieght rieduz here we go...({roars} we want your blood)
Mister sawed-off leather face-n-the muthaf**kin' knieght rieduz.
Thugline, nigga. these muthaf**kers pirates
And I'm the muthaf**kin' thug. so I guess that make me a muthaf**kin' thug
Pull out your pump/ I'm ready to buck (buck, buck, buck)
I know it's like that when I be f**kin' with these knieght rieduz
Them niggas be always in some type of violence
That's why I signed 'em; nigga was lookin' for soldiers/ and I never seen no
People like these; they ain't your ordinary
As a matter of fact; check out the rap, they kinda scary/ night time is where
Come from, but I ain't seen these niggas in the day time
Not once/ something fishy/ it's like they don't exist/ nigga never saw they
I just liked the shit they makin'/ and when we roll
Niggas be lookin' surprised becauze of the way they dress
And they mysterious eyes; hypnotize you, my knieght rieduz/ put on my leather
When I want to play with the pirates
(Comin' just for you {laughing} oh, we want your blood {laughing}
Knieght 4 - the widowmaker
I suggest you pack your bags and haul ass if you can
{Bird screaches} be gone by nightfall, and don't look back oh, how tragic!
Them chose not to roll so they got rolled over/ now them all alone full of
Turn his lights off indefinitely/ you're nothing more than a puff of smoke
Erased from everyone's memory; you're next to be embalmed
You're no longer a part of the human race/you become a corpse and you're lost in
Total darkness
For those who blaspheme my name; call the coroner/ won't rest until them all
Inside a grave
Caught 'em {laughing} oh, knieght rieduz (coming just for spite)
One, two, here we come for you/ three, four, we takin' over the world
Five, six, you have no time to repent/ seven, eight, anti-saint
Nine, ten, the sun has set fallin' into the underland

Writer(s): James Rashad Coes
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