Testo della canzone When I Die (Krayzie Bone feat. Fat Joe, Big Punisher & Cuban Link), tratta dall'album Thug Mentality 1999

When I Die - Krayzie Bone feat. Fat Joe, Big Punisher & Cuban Link

Krayzie, Fat Joe, Big Punisher, and Cuban Link: Thug Mentality 1999

Man, what the fuck is we gonna do man? I'm tellin' you (Shit man, I can't
Believe this shit man
The muthafuckers done killed him and y'all niggas know we got ride for this
Nigga right here
On these ho-ass niggas) Yeah, I say we ride over there right now, nigga, what's
Nigga that's what the fuck I'm talkin' bout, nigga. Let's roll.
As we delve throu the mud and rain, trey shots of Tanq. ease the pain/ As we put
To rest one of my
Niggas that got cut up and lost half his brain, shit ain't the same/ Niggas is
Dangerous buckin' like it's
The thang to bust/ When I looked at my nigga fucked up I couldn't help thinkin'
This could have been
Aimed for us/ Niggas do hate like that/ Nigga, you never know, he say a friend,
But I smell foe
I sit back and wait for the day niggas try to kick in my door, so I sleep with a
Big 4-4/ But what if
I fuck up and pull it to slow? You know what they say; Gotta go, gotta go/ What
If I be the one
Breathin' no more? Oh, well/ When I die I want all my muthafuckers to ride for
Me on the niggas
That did me, killed me, committed my homicide/ Gather up after the funeral
(Posse Up!) and pull out
All the big guns/ Go throu every hood poppin' till somebody takes some/ How in
The fuck
Can I rest in peace when I wasn't ready to die? Some I'm beggin' my niggas to
Get my revenge
And to do it the same night that they put me under/ Now I'm gone but this thug
Shit gon' live on
Just write on my tombstone; He was that Thuggish Ruggish Bone (He was that
Thuggish Ruggish Bone)
Murder mo, niggas gon' kill some more...
(Nigga you never know when you gon' die. Say, never know when it could be you...

...that leave your house and don't come back. This shit is real, and oh so true)

Fat Joe
Yeah, when I die I wanna see about a hundred niggas cryin', lyin', talkin' 'bout
They all love
Ryan and Joey too/ You should have seen me at the funeral sportin' the top hat,
Tuxedo was royal blue
Murder who? Nigga I died in the car chase/ Shot the place like the last scene in
Now I'm in the far place chillin' in the whites of the sky/ Terror Squad to the
Day that died, What?
Big Punisher
I'm a thug, I'm a die high, O.D. off the la-la/ Niggas keep tellin' me get off
That weed/ Choke
I'm a keep smokin' on that thai-a/ Nigga, fuck that/ I'm a keep hittin' that
{Puffs} till my lung collapse
What's wrong with that, you hypocrite? Just a lil' bit, you know you down with
That/ It's all good
In your hood, havin' laughs, puff weed to clear my cataracts/ Never thought I'd
See the inside of an
Ambulance, but now I'm there/ Too many dead brain cells runnin' round inside my
That's why when I die my eyes were bloodshot red
Cuban Link
Now picture me dead still gettin' head in the coffin'; Flossin'/ Bitches
Fightin', cryin', tryin' to get a
Bigger portion/ My niggas talkin' figurin' how to get my fortune while I'm lost
In space waitin' for
Satan and his horsemans/ Walkin' throu fire sparkin' my lighter, cloud the sky
Rising higher and higher/ Eye to eye with my messiah/ Viya con dios/ As I cross
The gates of Hell
I face the Devil with a shovel and told him; "Brace yourself"
Reporters steady ask; "Why K.B. talk about murder on all the songs?" I tell 'em;

"Cuz I can step out that door, somebody could pop, and I'm gone" Then, they
Wanna know I pack
Chrome/ For one, I'm paranoid; Smokin' to much of that weed/ What's that? I just
Heard a noise
Get the 12 gauge, and I call my boys/ Muthafuckers is plottin' to get me/ I know
When I'm dreamin'
This, so that's the meaning of this/ 9 millimeter, heater, strapped with the
Infrared beams and shit
So nigga don't trip/ Watch out! The reaper, He seem to be gettin' closer, so I'm
Runnin' from that
Muthafucker (y'all come on!) Swervin' and duckin' murder/ Pistol-grip pump/
Nigga protected by the
Gauge/ Mister Sawed-Off Leather Face/ Reload the clip and into the crowd I
Spray/ Murder, murder
Mo murder, murder/ Kill, kill, kill/ Shit it's sellin' but what they ain't
Tellin' niggas is that it's real
But they better realize before it be you in the casket, dropped/ Better get your
Ass a shotgun
And go get a plastic glock/ Nigga don't take murder for no joke that's like
Slittin' your own throat
But I can tell you what'll help for sure is if you bust back at them hoes...

Writer(s): Keir Gist, Joseph Cartagena, Christopher Rios, Anthony Henderson, Falonte Moore, Felix Dalgado
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