Testo della canzone Payback Iz a Bitch (Krayzie Bone feat. Bam), tratta dall'album Thug Mentality 1999

Payback Iz a Bitch - Krayzie Bone feat. Bam

Raw, raw, raw... Retaliation is a must, nigga. The enemy must suffer the
Muthafuckin' consequences. Deadly{gunshots, ticking}
Yeah, I want all of these muthafuckers dead. I don't wanna see one muthafucker
Left breathin'. Kill all these muthafuckers.
Them niggas be killas...
Payback is a bitch, and the bitch is on the period, period. (Bloody, bloody
Payback is a bitch, and the bitch is on the period, period. (Killa...)
I'm thuggin off in my house out in Cleveland/ Weeded, I'm sleepin', P.O.D.'ed/
Dozed off, but I was awakened by the
Telephone ringin'/ I picked it up "Hello?" At first, nobody would answer me, so
I said it again "Hello?"
Somebody starts breathin'/ Not thinkin'; I hung up the phone/ Niggas be playin'
Jokes, I payed it no mind/ It could've been just
My fuckin' friends/ Then I sat back and closed my eyes/ No more than 4 seconds,
It rung again "Hello?
And why in the fuck is you playin?" Somebody yelled out "You die!" Before I
Could even reply some nigga jumped right
Throu the window buckin' a pistol/ I jumped out of the chair, grabbed the
Bullets on the way to the stairs
Feelin' hot bullets fly over my head/ Thinkin' for sure that I'm gonna be dead/
Scared? Oh yeah! So I turned around and ran out
The backdoor instead/ Them niggas was steadily buckin'/ Whoever was dumpin',
They surely did want me in the red
Continued to fled; hit a couple of fences/ Thinkin' 'bout who could have did
This? Retaliation; I'll handle my business, kill 'em
As God as my witness/ I called up my niggas; they ready for war/ Kill 'em's the
Way that we even the score
If you did not come for war, what in the fuck you come here for?
Five infrared dots, trail by these steel toes runnin' in your spot/ You smokin'
Hot/ Gather troops, destinations be your block
The stakes is high since '94/ Got your tightest G for ransom/ Maybe unhand 'em
And let him go/ Hell no, you shouldn't've
Chanced it/ It's not essential/ Got smoked, only death threats on your boast/ So
Take it as a quote, get violent if you see me
Loc/ We deadly/ Step, pay your sins, you'll die a thousand times/ He's found
With open eyes, and mesmerized, no vital signs
That's 50 mercenaries that blood money can't afford/ Jump out of new Accords/
Deep run in; got two swords
A deadly ho, fate been chosen/ Get your eyes swollen/ I roll and dreams we're
Golden, and now your hood we controllin'
You tellin' lies/ Caught you slippin' up at your Mama's house/ Should've took
You out, but I told my homies throw you out
Better thank your stars, relocate anywhere close to Mars, and stop actin' hard/
You got more than you bargained for
We leave 'em shell-shocked, 40 glocks and dirty looks and pop shots. We verse
'Em twice; murda books police
Cuz scared of heights. It's cowards versus niggas, been shook, didn't recognize
The way your body hangin' from a hook.
Thugline don't play.
Shit, Dog, I done told 'em. We'll erode 'em. Ho ain't got no scrotum. Slippin'
In a clip and reload 'em, and when they jump
Yeah, we gon' unload 'em, and hit 'em wherever, however they want it. We gon'
Make sure no one's alive or left to identify me
It ain't over until you die.

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