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Clash Of The Titans (Rap God Remix) - Krayzie Bone

I'm a let em know before we get too deep
I am the beginning of the end
I am the light
I am the darkness
I am the life
I am the father
I'm the creator
I am the Alpha and the Omega
Lyrical messiah, undertaker
So abide by The Lord, abide by The Lord
Can't nobody ever see a nigga when a nigga is original and touch down first
That means I'm hangin' it just like Earth
And I can bring pain to niggaz like birth
Y'all wanna do work?
I'm rippin' up about my shirt
When I'm hearing this blasphemy
When they drop to they knees
And they asking for rap to get better they pray and they ask for me

The Almighty Lyrical Mastermind

Now that everybody tryin to crowd around a nigga style
Like a nigga style while they hardly holding down
Why do everybody wanna try to run away with the sound?
But they can't really go the mile
Hey, tell em they can make it over this way
If they really wanna end it on this day it's they choice
Put em to rest with the pitch of the voice (Raaaah!)
Monster focus of course
So I see it that they copy me
A lot of niggas seem to do it really sloppily
They can really only understand a part of me
They try to get in front but they can never get the harmony
I'm like a magnet, I keep attracting rappers
That's in need of a master
Kinda like Sensei
So let them bow their heads and begin to pray
And as you pray it's best you ask to be forgiven
Don't be foolish, don't be senseless, thinking you can't be the victim
You can die, tell em they better respect it and never forget where they got it from,
Or we gon' come after them niggas with bloody mo', bloody mo' red rum.
Murder mo' murder mo'
And I don't really give a fuck if niggas think I'm talking bout em
'Cause them niggas know that I can talk it plus I walk about it
Violent when I bark about it
I'm a get the party started
I'm the nigga did it while them other niggas thought about it
Everybody know me niggas know that I was all about it
Never need to question who the hardest 'because I'm really hard
Try to go the distance I'm a take em just a lil farther
Have my competition retreating and runnin for the border
Ring the alarm
'Cause it's time to drop bombs
Surviving my rhymes
Is highly uncommon
All them niggas thinkin they grown
But I've come and paused in my prime
It's time to pay homage
Look at who they try to be the most
A nigga put it down overseas every coast
I'm one of the realist MCs that ever spoke
I'm really like the bombest weed you ever smoked

Even when I lean with it, I'm clean with it
I am the illest nigga niggas never have seen with it
Supreme with it

Got it cause I really want em in my zone
Originally original 'cause it's my own
Somebody better tell em that them other niggas faking
That they really mistaken nigga that's not bone
Sick of these so called rappers comin with watered down shit, foul shit
Somebody shoulda learned em all
Not to never come around this with that clown shit
So I gotta show em with the rhythm and the melody
There will never ever be
Another thug n harmony
Everybody do it now, it don't really bother me
'Cause they already know that I'm the leader of the artistry
Real In the streets I keeps it real in the booth
Yeah and even that 9mm I carry it still spits the truth
Nigga don't test me I'm not an experiment
You're curiosity may be innocent
But if you niggas try to run up on me
I'm an incredible hell of a lyricist
Hear this? Impeccable.
And they never can deny the sound, it's so respectable.
If you heard this scary deadly flow
That's there reason all them niggas wanna catch the boat
And float home
I been savin these rappers from sinkin ever since I came in the game
And it ain't only rappers, it's even some singers that's singing like that's what they sing
Even producers producing their beats with the double time makin that bank
So why in the fuck is they actin like we ain't the reason that everything changed?
Way back in the days when I came from East '99 the beats they denied me
And really I never had to be awakened 'cause they fell asleep on a giant
So I came back and showed em that I was the chosen one and they should never defy it
I'm a rock til the beat stop
I'm a make em feel it when the beat drop
You better make a cold drink 'cause the heat hot
Nigga y'all better think, 'cause we not
And we retaliate
And the shit was cray'
'Cause it was with Kray'
Keep it real, what the fuck I'm supposed to say?
I fucks with Kanye,
I fucks with Jay,
I fucks with lil Wayne,
I fucks with Drake.
I wanna have a minaje', I fucks with Nicki
I wanna rob a couple rappers, I fucks with Fifty
His levels outta control so I fuck with Kendrick
I fucks with Eminem
I fucks with T.I
I fucks with 2 Chainz
I fucks with Nipsey
I fucks with Jeezy, but not with you man
I'm fuckin with A$AP
Remember the matter remains that
I tell em that Leathaface still in this bitch and I'm stackin em hard as a train wreck

(Nobody's safe)

Wait a minute you probably thought I was finished
With me there's never an ending
The collision make you stay dead
Skeletal be the gimmick
The illest so many mimic
The realist so many feel it
So potent so when you get it
You'll cough and choke when you hear it
I'm knowin them niggas feel it
'Cause I got em in the spirit
I told dem niggas in the beginning
I'm a get em with 2000 bullets in two minutes spit it
Who that nigga runnin with the AK-47 packin, poppin like a Smith & Wesson 3-8, 57
He's so heated heavy that's these competitors are never ready
I'm like a disease I keep spreading
I hit em like a headache, I'm a migraine
Watch a nigga die in the flames when I said it, meant it
Burn em to Hades and learn em that Krayzie ain't never go 'fraid. Who's scared?
Rock it like a real rapper then I put a little Jodeci and then you say "oooh yeah"
I never wanna be a star, I'd rather kick it with the real niggas
Chill it with the field niggas
Get the dollar bill nigga
If I gotta kill niggas
Then you're really gonna meet this steel nigga
Come around the corner
With a gun or your a gonna
'Cause I'm more than a performance
Sending rappers to the coroner
So I give em all a warning
Or you'll see a nigga stormin
Comin at you with an attitude, all you gotta do is salute!

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