Testo della canzone Around Your Heart (Kittie), tratta dall'album Funeral for Yesterday

Around Your Heart - Kittie

Let me disarm you, I'm not trying to own you
I just want to know what it feels like to have your body so close
Let me absolve you of the past that controls you
I just want to know what you look like

Without a weight on your soul

Yeah, said you'll find what you're looking for when you stop looking
All of your exes were lessons and
You talk about them again, you keep on settling
Wonder if love is the pain or the medicine
You never let it in, well I guess it's your right
But fake has been never my type
And I didn't build up this wall over night
See, I wanted more than just lust for the night
Then you came in my life
You're you, you're different than them
I'm used to them playing pretend
I'm used to "You're only a friend"
Fell deeper each letter you send
I'm questioning loving again
I'm questioning when it will end
Bend till I break and my heart don't break even
I want this for longer than only a season
And you didn't break me, you
You came to pick up the pieces
No you never hear it, but you is who I believe in
No one ever perfect, but you are perfect to me and
Lately I'm believing in love, you are the reason
I'm talking to my angels above, wish you could meet 'em
Wish I could see 'em one more day
Just to hear his voice tell me everything is okay
Just to show him that his son is here invoking a change
To hear him laugh when I tell him about the stories he made
Pretending like I'm okay
I'm broken and you know it
Building up a wall, I'll never show it
Grabbing on my face, told me focus
You're not the only one that's been broken
I'm hoping you open up, I thought what?
Thinking that I'm always open, but I realize I was swollen shut

There's more to us, there's more to love than surface lust

The surface front and tonight I might spill my guts
She said

Let me disarm you
There's an army I'm fighting around your heart
Let me disarm you

Cause baby I just want to love who you really are

So let me disarm you
There's an army I'm fighting around your heart
Let me disarm you
Cause baby I just want to love who you really are

And I love it when you take it all off for me
You laugh and I sense that you're insecure
Can't tell what he did before
To make you feel like you less, you're more
Your clothes are floored
Guess I got a glass full of feelings that I over poured
And I can't handle my liquor
We get love drunk and we keep getting sicker
I tell you you're worth it and something gets triggered
You start crying like "Mark why you lying?"
Your beautiful body and mind
You're rolling your eyes, I get that you're trying
See, lately my heart is surrounded by lines
But if you have time, I would love for you to bear with me
Look up at the stars and just stare with me
Travel around the world through the air with me
I just want to be with someone that'll care with me
There with me when it all comes crumbling down
You pick up all the parts of me you see on the ground
I gave him all of me and he was fucking around
Look longer than now
See how I post a pic and they pounce, damn
I know you're feeling distant
Saying men are all the same, I can tell you different
No I don't deserve a chance, but you're down to listen
A broke rapper with a dream and a grand vision
I'm damn driven and you know that I'm believing in you
You focus on the things you said you never could do

You focus on the drama, all you need is the truth
And you to see what I see in you, if only I could too
I don't want to be a memory

Want to wake up and see you next to me
Want to dream big, embed legacy

I know I'm more than open sesame
But if you want to break the code, you'll get the best of me

That's when you said to me

Yeah, that's when you said to me...

Let me disarm you
There's an army I'm fighting around your heart
Let me disarm you
Cause baby I just want to love who you really are

Let me disarm you
Cause baby I just want to love who you really are
Who you really are

Writer(s): Mercedes Lander, Morgan Lander
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