Testo della canzone I See Them (Kid Cudi feat. Lil B), tratta dall'album Best of Lil B

I See Them - Kid Cudi feat. Lil B

Hear them calling me
Will I answer, answer
I see them chasing me
Will I run from them, run from them

15, 16 started off a young man
Head in another place no Myspace
Older dudes run around with guns on they hip
Berkely California man I got love for that shit
Everyday I stay awake cos I'm thinking when they coming
Old friends who grew up with
Really can't trust them
Man the cops is watching me
So you really can't bust him
Looking all through your emails
Reading your discussions
What's to believe they talking about illuminati
And the secret government that allegedly inside it
Man I'm sitting in my circle
Blowing blunts to the head
I'm just trying to live my life
And not in up jail or dead
Probation laws got me tripping all off the feds
All this was over funds and some motherfucking gas
While its people in the world who ain't got no fucking passion
I can see it in my rear-view
I'm finna break this glass

I hear them calling me
Will I answer, answer
I see them chasing me
Will I run from them, run from them

I still so based
And people still in panic
What going on
I just don't understand it
Some people fake
And some of them underhanded
Some underrated
Most of them stranded
I wish life had a guide and came with a pamphlet
To show me where to go
And the things that is tragic
Who really knows what you doing everyday
And if you made the wrong moves that lead to your fate
And tell me about them asses
And how we eat in classes
The first time offenders
That's never given chances
And the people need justice
The one's living honest
We go? man
And they ever take my life man
I give you the promise
I did it for the love
Never for the dollars
Stay based for life
And minimize the losses
I realize that I'm a living prophet
We are gods

I hear them calling me
Will I answer, answer
I see them chasing me
Will I run from them, run from them

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