1: Kendrick Lamar]
Said I'm a fuckin' monster
A massive attack I haunt ya
Mastered the rap then fucked up the monitors
Mastered that after that I went for thermometors
Popped 'em all, then popped in the jaw of Tracy Veronica
Holla back they promised us
No pajamas insomnia will attack I attack like piranha does
Hit your block like a comet (BLAHH!) and you all know what time it is
2012, mark your calendars calisthenics and silencers exercisin' that trigger strap
Rock with us Metallica, competition no talented
I'm in a jungle what's wild enough
Just might stumble upon a pack of lions
No lyin' my soldiers dyin' this is Iraq
Alliances lining with stars and bars of a prison rep
My science applyin' pressure her stretcher is needed pay the proceeds
Or your livin' debt y'all soft as a giga-pet
You niggas can't see me unless you watchin' the TV or ultra huggin' my silhouette
My flow got the ceiling wet
I spit 'til I feel my breath
Who sinkin' my fuckin' chest
She fuckin' the fuckin' best
Mean my dick is the dick of death
Means I'm killin that pussy
Like Spike whenever that Jerry slept

Yeah Dre
Me and Andre the Giant, 6'7 and climbin'
Whether you storm to your climate
Whether your beat makin' or rhyming
Bumpin some Phyllis Hyman
Hand full of diamonds like Jay fans
On a island with Ray Bans
Glasses palmin' asses that probably came wit a great tan (laughs)
I be the motherfuckin' mecca of these hub city spectrum
Where they at I will dissect them like a fucking frog rectum
Why you wreckin' with irreputable my worst flow incredible
They probably call the federal after I slaughter several
Etcetera etcetera Bentley passin up Celicas
They tellin' us about shit, HiiiPoWeR in your mouth, bitch
And Top Dawg can vouch bitch
Nigga what you 'bout, about face with army outfits
The generals here
That mean the hustlers and the criminals here
Penitence reachin' pinnacles of life and despair and me I solemnly swear to handle mine like a Taliban and die for it
Only difference is I ain't never askin' Allah for it
Only difference is I be spazzin' and still a proud poet
Put me in a category
I don't know what's a sadder story
Guts and glory
Your pain bore me you ain't really lived it
I take you to a block where they Crippin
Or Piru that 5'2 gun bigger than the torso of Pippen
Bitch I been doin' before you niggas ruined it
Show me somethin' different
You either kissin' dick or givin' me distance
You live in a district of dimebags and dummies I know your statistics
Who your boss, he more like my assistant
Get lost have a egg and a biscuit
Break fast when we aimin' them biscuits
Pay cash when your chain come up missin'
Q... Q

Double up, shit, what the fuck?
Get me some my promo poppin'
Setbacks droppin'
Soon they watchin'
I just lock and load explode
Target flowed I'm somewhere blowed
Marriotts and Swisher Sweets
LA nigga prolly east
Cheerin' for the ragin' beats
X O henny scrape the keif
Bangin C I'm bangin' B
Put them niggas next to me
Stop and focus get the lead
I'm here now let the hardest speak
Ya all them dudes got ovaries, period
Run on sentence still I'm ventin'
Air conditionin' coolest breeze
Ill diseases
Grip my penis, shoot my semen
Still I'm comin', miles a runnin'
I was learnin' getting knowledge
Head is throbbin', she's a goblin
We be mobbin' over bitches
Stick and miss and she the business
Get a witness pussy frenchin
Yes, a mission
Poppin' off like a mission
Proposition, gettin' money
Drop a nigga, rush a nigga
Stomp a nigga, crush a nigga
Dust a nigga, copperhead gon' thrust a nigga
Heatin' up the winnnin nigga
Somethin' to remember nigga
Hella sick, I got a spit
Curse with a verse like God told me to kill the shit
Load the clip Heckler & Koch
The hoover king
Bada bing by the ding a ling
Natural hoover
Fing ring with a vision clearin' it with Visine
Asian from Beijing
Money maker, cum she cream
Feed the weak that's Wing Stop
At the start with rain drops
Space shuttle shittin on your car lots
Boy style
Could at least got a saturn, huh?
HiiiPoWer see our patent, huh?
Workin' on tracks like we never been free
22 squezze niggas shootin' off C's
Please thought a nigga shot 16's
Rhyme 16's
Bada bing, bing, bing, bing... bing

If you want to be from HiiiPoWeR
Please come to friend zone
But don't wowwy
You will not suck on my dick tonight
V. 3005 by Childish Gambino
Rap God by Eminem
No Mediocre by T.I.
2 On by Tinashe

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