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Testo della canzone The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (Keith Murray), tratta dall'album Rewind Hip-hop volume 2

The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World - Keith Murray

Y'all mythological niggaz is comical
The astronomical is comin through like the flu bombin you
And embalmin in your crew too
With the musical mystical magical, you know how I do
With word attack skills and vocabulary too
My rendition of this Edition is all brand New
You're through, I'm inter-planetarian like Doctor Who (who who?)
So Who! (who?)
Born to get tripped on, word is bond
I'm kickin rhymes til the A.M. vultures swarm
Not Quincy but I'm Back on the Block and not sellin crack
I'm comin in with the fat funk flows and tracks
So what you sayin black, with all that yackedy yack
My artifacts can't be beat with bats
I'm sayin, I eat up everthing up on the menu
And bend you and send you swayin, to be continued...
The most beautifullest thing in this world, is just like that!
I get ENYA
(Repeat 4X)
Spur of the moment opponents are suspects
Caught up in precipitation reign of the tech/niques
I speak my concepts freak
The ich-ni-son-shi funk figures of speech
Now that shit is in the open, I'm open, tokin, scopin
Waitin for the next nigga to get opened on
And break him down like a organic compound
That's the weight of the world as the Earth goes round
Now, how the fuck you sound?
I represent my clique, Microphone Pound
You better pack your leather, dope, or medication for the shakin
Meditation from the earth-to-quakin shit that we be bakin
Never fakin I gets down for my crown clown
Shakin the membrane of Encyclopedia Brown
Freakin the funk in any throwdown
While listening to the sounds, of ENYA...
The most beautifullest thing in this world, is just like that!
I get ENYA
(Repeat 4X)
I comes down breakin ground
So back up offa me and sit yo' ass down
Now when I'm on the microphone I roam through zones
But don't be tryin this shit at home
No matter what race creed colour him or her
I comes sweeter than Jeru, and Damage an amateur
As chronical facial disorders occur
I'll assassinate your character's caliber
I channel my anger, from the double edged banger (Banger!)
And turn into the microphone strangler
Stop tryin to see where your eyes can't follow
Say goodnight to the world and goodbye to tomorrow
You rave and cuss so it's a must ya get bust
We're not to be fucked with, Toys Ain't Us
For eternity, through infinity
I eternally, get ENYA...
The most beautifullest thing in this world, is just like that!
I get ENYA
(Repeat 4X)
What you folks want? Yeah
We got the funk so come on down
What you folks want? Yeah
We got the funk so come on down
What you folks want?
We got the funk so come on down...

Writer(s): Jr, Keith Murray, William Earl Collins, Maceo Parker, Abrim Tilmon, George Jr Clinton, Erick S Sermon
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