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Testo della canzone Film (feat. Future) (Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign & future), tratta dall'album Taylor Gang

Film (feat. Future) - Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign & future

You wanna make a film, film, film
It is what it is, is, is
We wanna make a film, film, film
Any haters we can't see em, see em, see em
I been looking at ya
Behind my hater blockas
Louis Vuitton when I spot ya
Bodies drop when I drop ya
Turn a club into a opera
We keep bottles next to em choppas
Ain't no time to talk about record deals cuz I'm not signing you niggas
And all the haters like, Juicy J got the whole section
And all these bitches they ain't looking my direction
Thats right my nigga middle finger to the undercover over there wearing that sweater
Our phone snapping pictures
Yo wife and your daughter in the club drinking
My goons don't care bout nothing
Turn cameras on for the money to land on something
Nigga I run this, Memphis, Tennessee from the gutta
Diamonds all in my chain
Baddest bitch give me brain
VIP, high as fuck you need binoculars to see us
Shes yo wife when she get home, get it to my crib now shes my actress
Get her on the jet watch her throw that ass backwards
Hit it from the back and she love it that I slap it
Lights camera action watch it get nasty
Freaky like Aliyah [?]
Camcorder on put the shit on Netflix
Bring on the next chick need more hoes to cast it
Face like Hallie Barry, must have a bar sequel
We finna try more thangs
That pussy so good, it keep Juicy J coming back like a time machine
I give it to her til she tap out
Watch her leg shake, blow the back out
And when I'm done with the pussy I mash out
To the strip club, throw the cash out
I'm taking girls home then I penetrate em
Tell her bring some friends I'll lemonade em
And I ain't even fucking these chicks raw
I keep it wrapped up like [?] paper
This Louis V is alligator
Rolex in the refrigerator
You ain't no nigga that's ice cold nigga
Got yo ho nigga and she wanna make a film
Who ya know blow cash like me
Who ya know got swag like me
Who ya know get trippy like me
Who ya know fucking bitches like me

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