Testo della canzone Fast Forward (Joe Jackson), tratta dall'album Fast Forward

Fast Forward - Joe Jackson

I'm hitting fast forward
Seems like we'd gotten kind of stuck
Time to get out of town and try to
Set the controls for sometime off in the future
Where people will be happy instead of

Getting dumber and getting scareder all the time
Scared of their own shadows and scared to take a fall
Either miserable with millions or dying for a dime
Desperate to live forever or lucky to live at all

And if I could see myself from some other planet
Would I be shaking my head sadly or
Would I be laughing
Saying it's always been the same
But anyway

Not going back to the Age of Gold or the Age of Sin
Fast forward till I understand the age I'm in

And it's always the old guys bitching
About the young guys growing beards
Or turning into sissies or something
While they're trying to hold back time
As if that isn't weird
Meanwhile the young guys are

Waiting for respect when what they wanna be is cool
Cool calm and collected just as if that isn't strange
Or they wanna blow the whistle, ring the bell and change the rules
When the game goes on forever
It's just the uniforms that change

If this is the best of times or if it's the worst
There's some difference of opinion out there
Everyone is a genius
But no one has any friends
Or is it the other way around

Not going back to the Age of Gold or the Age of Sin
Fast forward till I understand the age I'm in

Sometimes I look at the Moon
And I think I know just how she feels
Going round and round us again
As we go round the Sun
Watching us as fools and geniuses rush in
And you and me age disgracefully
And have way too much fun

And everyone knows about what's over and done
And tied up with pretty ribbons on it
One king after another
With a mad one and a queen or two
Thrown in for good measure and meanwhile

We can make the future, make it every bit as clear
Make a friendly Star Trek universe, 'cause everything's allowed
The only place that's seriously strange to be is here
And the only time that's maddeningly mysterious is now

So I'm hitting fast forward

Come on get on board!
You don't wanna be late now...

Not going back to the Age of Gold or the Age of Sin
Fast forward till I understand the age I'm in

Writer(s): Jackson David Ian
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