Testo della canzone (Intro) All Love Lost (Joe Budden), tratta dall'album All Love Lost

(Intro) All Love Lost - Joe Budden

Just when I thought I can't dig any deeper
Said my last shit was trash and they dig when it's deeper
They ain't see what I see, I guess my vision was weaker
Or they buy me to hear me, so we can skip all the features, I'm like
Woke me up with the pinch
So it's in English now, since they ain't wanna hear French
Ain't wanna hear Wiz, ain't want me with Kirko
They ain't wanna hear me happy, now they lookin' for hurt, yo
They'll hate it before they hear it if they think it's commercial
And so they're patiently waitin' for my fortune's reversal
Check it... it's like ever since Bundles passed
Took the high road and watched everybody underpass
Truth be told, God been lookin' out so much
That I feel guilty when I ask him for more
Then I do it like the shit ain't ever happen before
This is all the while layin' on my bathroom floor
Hold up, I'm just askin' him, give me strength to grow up
By now I'm sick and tired of layin' in my own throw up
It's a given, then self pity hits me
And I start to feel like I don't deserve to be forgiven
Like when you can't think, talkin' when you don't drink
But sneakin' 'round your own kitchen cause you gotta get a swig in
I got issues, weed and vodka will settle some
Well ain't that the pot callin' the Kettle One?
I know niggas so broke that they embezzle funds
Too busy waitin' for a chance that ain't never come
But this is bigger than havin' a debt
I mean I can't stop my brain from imaginin' death
Then out the clear blue sky I cry random tears
Used to it, me and depression been a tandem for years
I suffer from self doubt, put a cramp in my fears
If there's a God, this would be the perfect span to appear
I'm not a street nigga, never claimed that sport
And some of that train of thought's insane, had to abort
So people say I changed, I believe I should
Even so the goal's always been to leave the hood
None of this should be a shock to y'all
Logic says if you're still there, that's a knock to y'all
Since you want a nigga furthest from his dreams
Love's gone, DOA once we left the murder scene
When the love goes, the trust goes
It's like you hit my heart with a snub nose
I don't give a fuck though
Where did the love go?
Guess it's all love lost
Been a hustle, a struggle
Say the truth hurts and then cuts slow
I don't give a fuck though
Where did the love go?
Guess it's all love lost
Now this might be the realest shit I ever said
Ever thought, realest I ever fought
Ignorance is bliss, you niggas were never taught
So when a challenge is sought, you niggas never retort
Me I'm too savvy, too witty
It's just too much moxy
No percs, just a few crushed oxys
But gettin' off was imminent
When my dick became numb I was impotent
Shit got real different then
Was out in Cali with a model, little waist
And double Ds, a pretty face and long hair, name's Vivian
Not the norm for me, askin' what's wrong with me
Tried everything we could, nothin' worked, couldn't get me in
We went on so many tours high
That chemistry we once had, did it all die?
Something's changed, I just can't put my finger on
And I'd be wrong to sing a song but let it linger on
Just know I'd die for my brothers
Take on the whole world, at least try for my brothers
Just wanna know that that's reciprocated
And if that ain't the case, nigga, say it
These just words from the heart
My life coach say I never finish what I start
Work, school and relationships become one
But if I took all I could, how'd I leave it undone?
I'm givin' all the love but not receivin' any
But then they mad I'm all for self and I don't bleed for many
Shit I done made a couple of you bitches
Just by tellin' folk I was a couple with you bitches
Befuddled and so now I don't want trouble with you bitches
Had I used my better judgement, I'd have muzzled all you bitches
I gave out careers, fixed your fashion *
Did this shit so much you would think I got it patented
So many loved and mentioned me
Judged but can't sentence me
Real nigga never cared
Worth a couple mil' and started from an idea
Keep it candid in the booth, never panic, I'm the truth
God starin' down on me through a panoramic roof
I copped to the murder, red handed, ain't no proof
Love's dead but you never understand it 'til it's you
True colors never hide for long
When tables turn, ain't gon' matter what side you're on
And for me that's a reoccurring theme
Love's dead, I'm just walkin' y'all through a murder scene
When the love goes, the trust goes
It's like you hit my heart with a snub nose
I don't give a fuck though
Where did the love go?
Guess it's all love lost
Been a hustle, a struggle
Say the truth hurts and then cuts slow
I don't give a fuck though
Where did the love go?
Guess it's all love lost

Writer(s): Joseph Anthony Budden, Emanny Salgado, Jason Carr
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