Testo della canzone Yearbooks And Yesterdays (Jeannie C. Riley), tratta dall'album Yearbooks And Yesterdays

Yearbooks And Yesterdays - Jeannie C. Riley

The weather was bad it was windy and rainin' outside
So I decided to stay in clean my room and give a lift to my pride
I was cleanin' out the corner of my closet and overturned a boxlid
And there were my yearbooks and pictures and my yesterday friends.

On the very first page Jeannie Adams set smilin' at me
She was the queen of the senior class but she failed in history
Hi Jeannie 'member when we played hockey with those out of town boys
And how scared we got they didn't wanna bring us back and called us killjoys.

On the next page there was Johnny Roosevelt most handsome boy at school
Hi Johnny guess you never knew what a crush I had on you
But it only lasted untill Michael Grady moved to Central High
He was a big bashful football bawl and I loved him at first sight.

Well there you are Mike I was wonderin' when you'd be showin' up
Gosh you've got a bruise on your eye, oh, I remember those Pacus boys
Were mighty rough
And remember how us girls all cried when we lost the game that night
It was so cold, why you couldn't even squeeze me you were bandaged up so tight.

Hello Paddy, June and Billy Roy, heard you've married and settled down
Betty Rogers still writes now and then since I moved out of town
You remember my daddy got a transfer when school came to an end
And for awhile I lost tracks of my yearbooks and yesterdays friends.

But today as I visit back with you hi Joni and Clyde
I know I never really could forget you even if I tried
For in my heart all our years together never came to an end
And you know there's really no such thing as a yesterday friend.

There's really no such a thing as a yesterday friend...

Writer(s): Margaret Lewis, Myrna Smith
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