Say Wassup (feat. Sc Hoolboy Q, Ab Soul & Kendrick Lamar) - Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar

They know I put it down, now they wanna say wassup
When you see me in your town, say wassup
Roll around, say wassup
Even ones who wear the crown say wassup
That's wassup
Break it down, that's wassup
Blow a pound, that's wassup

And my taillight broke like a promise, homie
This the realest shit I wrote, on my momma, homie
My teachers used to call my momma on me
Now I'm a rapstar and I could fuck my momma's homies
Me and ScHoolboy hit the liquor store
Chocolate Swisher burn slow, how sweet?
Who got the dro? Who tryna chief?
Like Pocahontas daddy
And I'm off that granddaddy kush, I'm finna start a family

I'm ghetto, my Kool-Aid need mo' sugar
Five-star suite, you ain't know, suga? (You ain't know, bitch?)
I'm chilling, bumping Anita Baker
Caked up, they wonder why I don't need a baker
But really though, I just need a hater
So I ask 'em for their number when I see a hater
Ask Obama if I don't know about presidents
Keep them dead motherfuckers resting in my money clip

Look up in the mirror and my gangsta told me, what it do?
Cap'n Crunch and Top Ramen all a nigga ever knew
Got a bitch to twist a blunt and pop a nigga collar, too
Who that nigga standing over there? That's that nigga, Q
What it do? That's wassup, bang this in your Tonka truck
Everybody rocking Chucks and pistol packing, that's a must
Sagging and my ass showing, mami and the cops knowing
All I wanna do is smoke a blunt, let it bump

Yeah, I'm looking in the mirror and the nigga said, wassup, Rock?
And that nigga looked back at me and said, boy, you certified
Took my '87 Regal, put it in a chop shop
Stash spot, .45, run up, you gonna die
Looking for a pretty bitch who can twerk it and throw it back
Nigga diss me, no, I ain't missing, I'm throwing shots back
Jay Rock, top cat, and I'm still a Top Dawg
Boxed in that Porsche box like I'm fighting southpaw

I'm Soulo, take a photo, blowing on dope in a dojo

We a green light, you a no-go, hey Q, go

No, Rock, go

I'm a rock though, like Barack though
And my eyes low and I drive slow like Paul Wall

Give it back though, I got y'all

Nah, fuck that, I'm a ball hog

No, fuck that, they gon' fall off

Got a sawed-off, I'mma hop out, let it all off
Hop back in, then I haul off

We situated, we hit the pavement so hard
We all got ground to play with

A challenger is like last year calendars

Yup, you're all outdated

We all amazing, you all can hate it
You can live or die, that's your ultimatum
Married to the game, at the altar wasted
A pound of white rice on the tribe of Asians

Niggas, they'll ride for me, bitches, they desire me
And what's the one thing they hate the most?

Saying bye to me

Writer(s): Duckworth Kendrick, Mckinzie Johnny, Garrett Dameon Ithel, Hanley Quincy Matthew, Stevens Herbert Iii
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