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Testo della canzone Silence (feat. Sareena Dominguez) (Jarren Benton feat. Sareena Dominguez), tratta dall'album Slow Motion

Silence (feat. Sareena Dominguez) - Jarren Benton feat. Sareena Dominguez

Time is ticking, yeah, its ticking away
I waited all my life to say
My misery hates company
I'm at a loss for words
That's a first for me
Silence is golden
Go through the motions
Silence is golden
The same colour that my throne is

Damn can't believe that my homeboy dead
I still feel shocked like I'm shot in the head
I woke up and cried till my eyes turned red
I wish it was a nightmare that I just had
The coroner just put my nigga in a bodybag
And his momma turned away cause she cannot witness that
And I ain't know what to say
When I was standing with your dad
Only thing that I could think was "goddamn this is sad"
Man we was just laughing on the weekend
That was your goodbye, guess it just sinked in
No words that I can jot with the ink pen
To describe the way I feel, I guess I'm still grieving
I wish that I could bring my nigga back
He ain't even know how much he meant to me
And that was wack
That I couldn't even express it
Till he laying on his back
At his fucking funeral, when I ain't know how to react
Yeah, we supposed to get rich together
God had another plan for you that was better
I said a prayer to your momma and your whole family
Rest in peace dawg, you my homeboy forever
Yeah, I know you living in the sky
I wish I had a better way to tell my nigga bye
Make sure you cherish every moment that you spend
With your people, cause you never know
Tomorrow they could die
Uh, you believed in me homie
Yeah, and for that I thank you
I know you in a better place
Prolly up in heaven cracking jokes with them angels
Never be forgotten as I'm writing over violins
I feel alone like I'm on my own island
I think about my nigga every day
Like I'm at a loss for words
As I drown in the silence

Damn, there we go, not speaking again?
Out the front door a nigga leaving again
I rode around the city pissed off
About some bullshit you said
Make me feel like I ain't breathing again
I get back, and we ain't talked to each other for like 2 days
Damn girl, who pissed in your Kool Aid?
I apologise a trillion times, make it a trillion-one
But this time I'm too late
Yeah, I guess you fed up with my shit
To get through that cold heart I need an ice pick
The look on your iris, so lifeless
Remember them good times we had
That was priceless?
Damn, did I fuck you up that bad?
You need space now, I guess I expect that
I'm trying to break through them walls that you put up
But I don't even know where your head at
Yeah, I guess I better let her fly away
Its hard to cope with the pain, I wanna die today
I'll find a fucking hideaway to hibernate
I sit and let this liquor wash the hurt
Like a tidal wave
And oh yeah, by the way
If I could take all the hurt back I'd find a way
I guess I'll pop another pill so I can sleep
And let my brains cook
Like I put my head inside a microwave
Yeah, now I feel like a loser
I knew all the wrong I was doing
I would lose her
Now I see the light, amen, hallelujah
But I'm stuck in my shit
Like I sit in cow manure
World went crashing when I lost my co-pilot
Ringing in my head, somebody turn off the sirens
She ain't even talk to a nigga
And it hurts so bad
Now all I do is drown in your silence

Writer(s): Christopher Ju, Jarren Benton
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