Testo della canzone Diamonds & Fur (Jarren Benton feat. R. City), tratta dall'album Slow Motion

Diamonds & Fur - Jarren Benton feat. R. City

God bless the dead
I war with demons inside my head
Now there is empty space here inside my bed
That you missing from I went piling bread
And I was scared of this rap shit
So everyday I would practice
And our relationship would then fall apart
Now it's over now sings the fat bitch
And you was thinking about marriage
And I was thinking about me
And my shit was so far from being together
I was out here blind on these streets
Trying to beast a rhyme over beats
And these pussy niggas so weak
And my city felt so lame then
And I was stressed not getting much sleep
And my mind was thinking so fucked up
I put hip hop before anything
A lost king though I was finna reign
But for you it's something I can not explain
And I was fighting so much disbelief
And these pills can bring much relief
And I just wanted to be in them flashy lights
With them shining chains and that mink

Yeah I've been on my grind
Lately I've been losing my mind
I pray that everything will be fine
The sun don't always shine
Nigga know that I'm a get mine
They tell me that it's all about timing
Bitch I was meant to be in them flashy lights
And them shining chains and that fur coat and them diamonds
Diamonds, fur coat and them diamonds
Diamonds, fur coat and them diamonds

God bless the dead
Back when [?] was by the feds
And I was feeling so lost then
My head was tripping over my regrets
And you didn't even want to speak with me
And I was feeling different frequency
I started drinking more frequently
And you would then loose belief in me
And I was still chasing rap
And you began hating that
Cause you would bear all the burden
And I wasn't there that's a fact
And my dreams seemed so close to reach
And there was I so wrong
Cause when I realized all the hurt I caused
I put a pistol to my dome
Like fuck it I ain't want to live life
And everyday was looking so dark
So much sacrifice on this flight
I was fighting off all of my disbelief
And this liquor bringing so much relief
And I just wanted to be in them flashy lights
With them shining rings and that mink

Who ever knew that this here would be my life, my life, my life, my life
I've been to heaven back trying to live this life, this life, this life, this life
That's why everyday I'm on my grind
Getting to the top stay on my mind
So I'm a get rich or die tryin'
Giving my everything as if it ain't no tomorrow

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