Testo della canzone Number One (Jamie Foxx & Lil Wayne), tratta dall'album Intuition

Number One - Jamie Foxx & Lil Wayne

"Ay Foxx, we just livin our life right? "
4 & 3 & 2 & 1 "Weezy, Jus Blaze"
Now everybody let's get dumb dumb de dumb
Dumb du dumb de dumb
Da dumb da de dum dum da dum de dum

Let me introduce myself they call me mr. foxx
Known for making ladies scream and jumpin' out the socks
Yes it's all real (real) I'm king of the hill (hill)
Call **** pack them up and ship another mil
Told ya last time but I swear ya'll must not understand me
Girl come home with me and let me introduce you to my grammy family like encore oscar **** emmy

Get your friends inside with me
Common girl just ride with me
Plenty of girls that wish they could be standin on the side of me
I can see the look up in your eyes
But the lookin at your thighs, lips, and hips make a [? ] naturize

Let's go to the strip baby
Then go home and strip baby
Bounce it like them drums on this blaze shit baby
Girl just say the word can we can break out like the pox
But you got 4 seconds for I'm right up out the spot like
4 & 3 & 2 & 1 Cause you know I'm number one
Girl you know I'm number one
Baby you know I'm number one
That's right I said I'm number
Now everybody let's get

Err body knowthe name they call me mr. foxx
Swagger on a millie got the suddin game on lock
Got them hundred dollar bills
I don't rain girl I hurricane
Glory or dollywood w.e don't need to know your name
Yup girl shake it for me
Yep girl take it for me
My private jet it be waitin
You can bring a friend and hey
See the diamonds on me
They be shining like a star
I see how you watchin me posted up at the bar
We can leave the club and git it right
We can do it all night long have you singing
Baby this my song, it's a number one performer
You gotta be my supporter w.e you want
You know I can get it for ya (yup)

This goes out to all u haters yeah whoever doubt me
I'm a boss, I'm a player, got nothin to say about me
Let's go hit the strip baby then go home and strip baby
Bounce it like them drums on this blaze shit baby
Girl just say the work we can break out like the pox
But u got 4 more seconds for I'm right up out the spot like

Cause u kno I'm number one
Girl you
Baby you
That's right
Now everybody
Ah em
They call me mr. carter I fly over water
In my own charter, baby I can turn you on like a phone charger
Baby I can hit it like a muthafuckin dodger
If you want a soulja baby I can be your soulja
And girl if your gay ummm I can be your mother
I like hot grits and toast in the mornin
I hope you turn into a ghost in the mornin
I pop you up like chicken pox
Shout out to my nigga jamie foxx
We tighter than some sticky socks
I be in slickest drop
Listenin to some iggy pop
And I'm from the dirty I say fuck the broom and a mop
He's so sweet make her wanna eat the candy store
Let's go hit the strip baby then go home and strip baby
Foxx and lil wayne on this blaze shit baby
Girl just say the word n we can break out like the pox
Plus you got 4 mins for I'm right up out the spot

Writer(s): Carter Dwayne, Rubin Rick, Horovitz Adam Keefe, Diamond Michael Louis, Smith Justin Gregory, Ambrosius Marsha Angelique, Yauch Adam Nathaniel
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