Testo della canzone Digital Girl (Jamie Foxx feat. Kanye West & The Dream), tratta dall'album Intuition

Digital Girl - Jamie Foxx feat. Kanye West & The Dream

I wanna see whats under there there now put it in the air
Yeah load it on my macbook air
Its a new form of macking don't be old fashioned update your passion
Only reason I be eye chattin its when its time for some action
I wanna hit it way way out like john paxton
But for now I just gotta watch her practice
Send her a picture so she see it she said
I-i-i cant believe it
Uh-uh-uh-uh she all on me on me
Uh-uh-uh-uh I think she want me want me
I think she showed her homies
Why? cause all the homies on me
Ayo all the digital gunna have to do for now
But imma break it down when I get by your town
I love it girl
The way you bring your light into this room
I love it girl
The way you lace that up when you in them shoes
I love it girl
The way your lip looks after you apply the gloss
I love you girl girl
You look right in the screen and take it off off
See I cant wait till I get a little taste of you
And I just upgraded to 10-80-i hi def just for you
My digital girl girl girl girl girl girl
Shes my digital girl girl girl girl girl girl girl
Shes my digital girl
My homies never seen
But I always got you right here for me
Tucked in my louis computer bag
Wherever you are I could be
I type you messages for the next send off
You shoot me a video and then I load
Even though I hate this distance it keeps me persistent
One day ill have your ass up in this kitchen
My digital girl girl girl girl girl girl girl
Shes my digital girl girl girl girl girl girl girl
Shes my digital girl
Not a day goes by shawty
Without you on my mind shawty
I wanna see whats under there
When you see the picture cut off the face
Now cover up the tattoo by the waist
Let the MC search till I reach third base
And when I get home imma hit home plate
Wait would this be considered our first date
Yay this picture just looks so trash
Your body make a baller spend cook coked cash
Plus every good girl wanna go bad
And poles in the mag like Stacy dash
Or Kim Cardash and be a lady addict
You know whats a crazy thing
A girl would make you wait longer than ac green
Passion of the Christ 33 year old virgin
Thats disrespectful baby don't encourage him
I like them brown yellow Puerto Rican or Persian
Dashiki kimona or turban
They say I dress white but my swag so urban
Tryin' my work
I hear the way the text say
Baby you up
Question mark
And she was my yes-s-s-i-r
[Outro - The-Dream & Jamie Foxx
My digital girl girl girl girl girl girl girl
My digital girl girl girl girl girl girl girl
My digital girl girl girl girl girl girl girl
Girl girl girl girl girl girl girl

Writer(s): Christopher Stewart, Kanye West, Terius Nash
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