Testo della canzone New Breed (feat. Q-Tip, Idris Elba & Little Simz) (James BKS feat. Idris Elba, Little Simz & Q-Tip), tratta dall'album New Breed (feat. Q-Tip, Idris Elba & Little Simz)

New Breed (feat. Q-Tip, Idris Elba & Little Simz) - James BKS feat. Idris Elba, Little Simz & Q-Tip

When they try to move in
You know what you must do right
Coming out the room whether the sun or the moon
And it safe to assume that we been well groomed
In a village of a tin drum
One test you get doomed We the "Nia nya"
Here's a demonstration show
Put the arrow to the bow, strategy to the full,
Victory see it glow And we take the winner lap around the
River and we back Only god allow that, we're the "Nia nya"
Show off with the mask that is now worn Devil man look around,
See his world torn What do you know about the secret we
Stole And the story that's been told we're the "Nia nya"
Action, spiritual or physical,
Closer to the mystical Ancestors visit you,
Whisper in your ear you're the "Nia nya"
And you can hear clear we're the "Nia nya"
We're moving out when the moon shine
And lay out in the sunshine.
More time well is now ...?
Let's keep the rules we're the juelz, we're the "Nia nya"
See our Women they're the big boss
And the Men see they keep course
Quickly we're moving, slick target grooving
Bweha mbuga
We're the new breed and we really don't care
Bweha mbuga
We're the new breed, we're the new breed
Bweha mbuga
We the new breed

Africa Africa, oh Africa
We bout to blow like a harmonica
We bout to show you that everything you stole is living and breathing
And coming right back at ya! Ah listen, everything circular,
Begin and will end with us
I can tell by the look in your face
When you look in our eyes you really just scared of us
The New breed, coming down that mountain We ain't afraid of no ting
F*ck all that slave ting, no way Eyy,
This ain't Hollywood this ain't a movie ain't calling cut
We cutting the throat of the old system,
So if you ain't with us you better run
Bweha mbuga
We're the new breed and we really don't care
Bweha mbuga We're the new breed, we're the new breed Bweha mbuga

My melanin glowing for the world to see
Your insecurities is not concerning me
I mean god is a woman that's my firm belief
And they wanna burn it down to the third degree
Grab ahold of the locks and insert the key
How many leaders does it take to be free?
Don't wanna be jack tryna get out the box
You'll be stuck in there if you don't know
How much your soul costs, whoa!
Many layers what is underneath,
Look a little closer I promise I'm more than you see
Please don't tell me I'm different I know I'm
More than unique Self loving and weed that I need
Never slow up I don't know defeat
My heritage comes from Royalty Crowns a throne and Gold
Chains, More pain and nothing's changed 'Cause we're still in chains
Which one of you politicians wanna
Be stepping and end up in a bad space
Step in my ring better know it's a sad day F*ck
Tryna dismiss us I'll kick you out the damn place.
Make em go missing won't even leave a damn trace,
Gimme your best thing and I'll tell you that's
Waste I've been investing in my shit from day,
You' a lie if you say it ain't great, go
Bweha mbuga
We're the new breed and we really don't care
Bweha mbuga
We're the new breed, we're the new breed Bweha mbuga

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