Testo della canzone Where My Angels Dare Not Tread (James Arthur), tratta dall'album Compilation

Where My Angels Dare Not Tread - James Arthur

There's people always reaching for my heart
And if they ask me where it is
I wouldn't know where to start

It's like the devil and God are feuding inside of me
And the view from the two's just dividing me
Split my mind into two, start revising me
Read reviews, need to choose which side is me
I'ma this zombie, anti-social degenerate, homophobe, misogynistic, tormented elephants
These fuckers never forget
Let's hope we don't forget the relative
The one that's on the sedative
The hell he's in suppressed in his scrupulous mind
Creative, innocent, kind
But has the fear of God
The fear of cogs that turn within machines he buries deep
Within the search for learn n' weed
It's like the Great Wall of China
It's a shame he never shines now
Coz the drugs have made him shine out
Climb out, find out, there's a world beyond the high, bro
Look at 'em smiling whenever you hit the high note
Look at the pain that you cause when you're that wry, no
There's no point drilling the message into his psyche
The schizophrenic's about and I bet he bites me, hey

I'll be in the corner screaming, screaming
With the hands around my hand
Where my angels dare not tread
Where my angels dare not tread

Hey, hey
The brain sees with the bull shit that rhymes though
I'm feeling good when the poetry's timed gold
See if you don't get my metaphors
Ain't no need to get threatened
Coz of the records and records that I've sold
The records that I've broke
I'm guessing that you recognise bro
It is the amount that I smoke?
I don't know bro
Neither of us know
I'm stepping out on my ghost
I see me hosting a hoax
Get the diamonds out the rough
And let 'me hang from a rope, ey
Just take his Rolly and roll
As the monetary system claims another victim
I regret my choices, curse my brain for wishful thinking
Just stick within my arms an affirmation
All regard to be my garden
I'm not flinching, I'm not blinking
I'm not blinking, I'm tired of being a lynchpin
Lynched for being different
Thinking differently
Tell me, where's humility?
Why'd they got it in for me?
They just want my infamy, to defamate my symphony
But they would have to take every single limb for me
Yeah you won't take away symphony

And I'll be in the corner screaming, screaming
With my hands around my head
Where my angels dare not tread
Where my angels dare not tread

Where my angels dare not tread
Where my angels dare not tread

Where my angels dare not tread
Where my angels dare not tread

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