Testo della canzone Sleep Through The Static (Jack Johnson), tratta dall'album Sleep Through The Static

Sleep Through The Static - Jack Johnson

Trouble travels fast when you're specially designed
For crash testin' or wearin' wool sunglasses in the afternoon
Come on and tell us what you're tryin' to prove

'Cause it's a battle when you dabble in war
You store it up, unleash it, then you piece it together
Whether the storm drain running rampant just stamp it
And send it to somebody who's pretending to care

Just cash in your blanks for little toy tanks
Learn how to use them and abuse them and choose them
Over conversations, relationships are overrated
"I hated everyone", said the Sun

And so I will cook all your books
You're too good looking and mistooken
You could watch it instead
From the comfort of your burnin' beds
Or you can sleep through the static

But who needs sleep when we've got love?
Who needs keys when we've got clubs?
Who needs "please" when we've got guns?
Who needs peace when we've gone above?
But beyond where we should've gone
We went beyond where we should've gone

Stuck between channels, my thoughts all quit
I thought about them too much, allowed them to touch
The feelings rained down on the plains all dried and cracked
Waiting for things that never came

Shock and awful thing to make somebody think
That they have to choose pushing for peace supporting the troops
And either you're weak or you'll use brut force-feed
The truth is we say not as we do

We say, "Anytime, anywhere"
Just show your teeth and strike the fear of God
Wears camouflage, cries at night and drives a Dodge pick-up
The beat and stop hogging the feast
That's no way to treat an enemy

Well, mighty mighty appetite, we just eat 'em up and keep on driving
Freedom can be freezing, take a picture from the pretty side
Mind your manners, wave your banners
What a wonderful world that this angle can see

But who needs to see what we've done?
Who needs "please" when we've got guns?
Who needs keys when we've got clubs?
Who needs peace when we've gone above?
But beyond where we should have gone

Beyond where we should have gone
We went beyond where we should have gone
We went beyond where we should have gone

Writer(s): Jack Hody Johnson
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