Testo della canzone Drown (Ja Rule feat. Somong), tratta dall'album Pil 2

Drown - Ja Rule feat. Somong

Please don't let me drown drown drown (I'm so cold)
Please don't let me drown drown drown (Don't let me drown)
Please don't let me drown drown drown (I'm so cold)
Please don't let me
Please don't let me

Although I done gon astray
Into the darker days
Please don't let me drown
All life must fade away
No mercy on judgment day
Please don't let me drown

Drown drown drown
Lord let me, stay above water like the French quarter
I'm so walker,
Now, I'm overlooking the ocean
From the deck of the yacht, and the view's gorgeous
I'm thee only shark in the waters
But there's few whales among us
That wanna bite like piranhas
I overflow, Leo DiCaprio
I'm Titanic, bigger than life, the aura
This ship sink, nigga, I'm gon walk on water
Gigantic but Jesus I'mma depressing attic how do I manage
How do I manage? To be above average and not arrogant
To be the one to dive in knowing I can't swim
For me to go under not breathing
I'm drowning

Pray for me, cause I tested positive
For being the shit, now niggas won't touch me
And I'm allergic to broke niggas, trust me
And that pimping been in my blood since a youngin
So I'm thinking there ain't a cure for my illness
And the diagnosis is just something I can live with
Cause I done made it rain on bitches
Storm on niggas, cash flow like rivers
As if it wasn't enough for me
To be in the deepest of waters, to feel like I'm snorkeling
Off shore and this is so reassuring
That I'm still sick, in need of a donor
Cause I'm heartless, so I dive in
No life vest, knowing I can't swim
So if I go under and I'm breathing
Am I drowning?

This is the story of a girl
Who cried a river and drowned the whole world
I told her cry me a river, little mama, don't give up
Daddy's here to deliver, the world is cold
So them tears you can tie them up
Just go on and let 'em running down your face
Baby the world is yours
I told her if she shared it with me, then it'd be ours
Like? how could we ever drown?
Underwater I can't hear a sound but I
See the rain dropping they're like tears from God
And my mind is telling me that it's a sign but why
When I don't think the lord is too fond of I
But there's gotta be a reason
I'm not drowning, right?

Writer(s): Seven Aurelius, Jeffery Atkins, Somong
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