Testo della canzone Yae Yo (Ill Bill feat. The Beatnuts & Problemz), tratta dall'album Howie Made Me Do It

Yae Yo - Ill Bill feat. The Beatnuts & Problemz

He's running out of time, Rush Rush, to the Yeyo
Buzz buzz, give me Yeyo, Yo yo, no more yeyo, Rush rush, to the yeyo.
Yo, yo, yo, line up with all the points on the block, With the black-tan leather G, wildest joints, Look;
Just another day in the life, Just f***in' with these foreign a** n*ggaz tryin' to bring up the price.
Here we go, deep concentration, heavy heavy ammunition, to cover any altercation.
Yo you need to keep your eye on me, I'm the s*** homie, come and get these flies off me.
Pass me the ball and you know I'm gon' score: never like the first time, now they want more, more, more,
Of the official whiskey with the pistol: heavyweight champion, shine like crystal,
Now it's time to expand: a man with a gun and a plan, gettin' that money any way that I can.
It's the Columbian, and the Dominican: the cat that brings it and and the cat that slangs it,
Say no to drugs is what I tell the children, but the movies showin' them it's a billion dollar business,
The pure Coca, have your vida going loca, make a chick sell the ch*cha, Sell the TV, and sell the sofa, even sold my CD by Toca,
Now you want me to greet ya, like a Senorita, when you're just a sleazy perrita,
I had love: you were my one and only, but you flipped the script and then you snitched to the police,
See here, let's be clear: Why you...
Why you acting like a b*atch,
Phones is bein' tapped in, so watch your yappin': the words you use could mean state time,
So don't take it personal, it's just another obstacle: either you're the pimp or the prostitute.
(Sample): Damn!
I like that player's attitude.
My rogues of riches is paid with exploding b*tches, I Go ballistic, roll with a soldier's instinct,
I spit five on na words, Magical wisdom fine lines like: What now homie, records or pistols?
I'm paranoid: who's that lookin' through my window, my mind playin' tricks on me homie, then I smoke to much endo,
I drink too much liquor, and I still bump off: keep the f*** out my face, telling you to f*** off,
Sniff your brains out on my Al Capone, Al Pachino, and Scarface, hang from a helicopter like scarface,
This garbage is known by my associates as _______, years ago he was in the foreman for the funds,
So what's really good in the hood?
Keep the hoes handy: got stripper b*tches suckin' my d*** for nose candy,
Billion dollar bills, got the cable, eyo Yae Yo, stickin' it up the A-hole for the Yae Yo.
Problemz, about to bubble and blow: like the flute in the backgorund, When I put my Mac down,
I drop books that'll make the crooks put their Gats down, Turn it up a notch, it'll make the fiends put their crack down,
Before you know it: Heroin addicts puttin' their smack down, Like def.
WF, can you smell the Problemz?
Got biggest cheddar like live from Brooklyn n*gga, Bumpin' you some marvellous hits, the type of s*** that'll make a chick show her a** and tits,
Hustler put down his bricks, Hitman throw in his clicks, C-Lo experts runnin' 4, 5, 6 in trips, handin' me chips,
Ballers jumpin' out their whips: handin' me keys,
Dime model b*tches poppin' bottles, handin' me Gs, Columbian pops strippin' keys from overseas,
World messengers delivering me complimentary seeds, Over the greenest of Vs I flow, kind of frigid when I spit it like an Eskimo, Line for line: I got that Yae Yo.

Writer(s): Fernandez Lester, Tineo Jerry R
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